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  1. my overall favourite fly for small waters has got to be a size12/14 black buzzer with painted cheeks. absolute destruction, never been much of a dry kinda person unless im in the mood or unless its daddy hatch time
  2. The blob debate is a strange one. the orange blob is said to at times represent daphinia(sp) a form of bug/parasite which lives in some of the larger reservoirs and drives rainbows wild. i personally have never got the whole buz of the blob, i get much better succes from stuff like damsels, 'The apps Worm' and my most lethal pattern is a basic orange cheeked black buzzer. a pattern i have used to effect and cleaned up when 'Yobs with Blobs' are struggling. tbh the mot effective use of the blob in my honest oppinion is fished static under an indicator(a completey different debate all together) but i suppose we all have our own oppinions. the blob gets so much press about how many fish get caught on it, well its the same as the cats whisker. it has a reputation for catching fish so people use it. people also maintain with it even if its not catching. so someone could catch 5 all day on a cats whisker/blob and go away saying what a great pattern but if i got and catch 9 on a series of patterns each one of those could be just as dangerous even more so but because im being more tactful and changing to suit my environment, the patterns i use are not regarded as these dangerous 'Fad flys'
  3. wrong river leven lol this ones near middlesbrough lol
  4. any one in the teeside area will propably know the River leven. i fished the great ayton stretch last week and managed to dable myself 15 brownies from just below great ayton up towards easby in about 4 hours on small greenwells glory's a few nymph's i was well chuffed. my largest was roughly just over a pound but it took some amounts of clambering to get to them. i know there have been fish upta 3lb caught in that stretch by friends of mine and its rumoured there are fish upto 5lb in some slightly lower stretches. but does anyone else know of any other decent none member stretches which are around?
  5. i wanna get some fishing done down on the south tyne. what size sea trout ya had phil? how much is fishing down there etc?
  6. Daleyboy69

    fly rod

    will there still be jumping fish in the tyne? or am i way out?, the carriage is the strangest place ever. when i first moved to uni up there i went in after id been to cricket trials and didnt think i was gonna get out allive its so gothic lol. mr lynch all the way.
  7. never fished this specific water but at this time of year aslong its a warmish over cast day i would use lures for the first maybe 30mins-hour between 8.30-10 ish then move onto small epoxy buzzers(look at the size of the hatch)(if any) then cast out a buzzer, i would super slow retrieve it at record slow proportions or if there is a nice ripple causing a bow in your line not retrieve at all until your line is almost side on at the bank,just watch the takes come(keep hold onto the line takes are super aggresive) this is a tactic that has led to me landing well into double figures when very few have been catching due to them lure bashing, hope this helps
  8. how much is it to fish the derwent, is it accesable enough to fly fish?
  9. usually still water fly fishing, im from the north east anyway well just outside middlesbrough, so i spend alot of my time fishing the such likes as jubilee, stonebridge, lockwood beck sharpley springs etc and ocaisionally venture down to marston wyse and belflask, sometimes do some river fishing for wild brownies but that usually consists of a spinning rod with a waggler and some maggots just left drifting down stream, are there any other decent fishing shops in newcastle?
  10. theres a fishing shop on grey street? i live in newcastle(well while im at uni) and ive never seen it, is it towards the bottom near zizzi's? opposite subway because theres a outdoorshop there but didnt realise it was a fishing one?
  11. it looks to me like a bunny leach, an excellent fly for doubles, well if you enjoy lure bashing anyway here is a pic http://www.anglers-lodge.co.uk/prod_images/16829_t.jpg and i they sell them at jubilee and on there website www.anglers-lodge.co.uk (remove the link if ive broken house rules)
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