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  1. Thanks James - I should have stated that the river was the Great Ouse following at around walking pace and I was using a 6lb line, hoping for chub.
  2. I have always wanted to try fishing a stick float with a centrepin reel and recently bought one of the very cheap Shadowlanda Centrepins for £9.99 to see if I could get on with it, with a view to getting a more expensive model if I liked it. I used it for the first time this week and loved the style of fishing but found that it was very difficult to get the reel moving - I used up to a 5BB stick float and it still wouldn't start off rotating without me helping it. I did spend a lot of time at the weekend spinning the reel while watching telly but it doesn't seem to have done much good.
  3. I think the book you mean is "Mr Crabtree goes fishing" by Bernard Venables, originally published as a cartoon strip in the Daily Mirror. I have a copy from 1952 or 1953 which I have as a bit of nostalgic bedtime reading. A lot of the advice regarding reading a river for example is still relevant but much is very old fashioned and out of date for modern techniques. St ill a good read though and there are usually plenty of copies on e-bay for around a tenner.
  4. Hi, My youngest is 8 and I have been taking him to the river (Great Ouse) since he was 6. He is a bit un-cordinated (he has dyspraxia - linked with dyslexia) and I think he would struggle with a rod and reel. However he has his own 4 metre whip and we can usually find plenty of swims with a 4 - 6 feet depth fairly close in. This means he can trot/hold back a pole float quite easily and catches plenty of roach/perch etc. He can swim but I must admit that I don't fish as well, but just sit with him, just in case in goes in. I can then feed the swim for him if necessary.
  5. Hello BigKev, The advice given by bluerinse is excellent but I have had some of my biggest rudd by using floating chum mixer or floating bread crust - it definitely seems to pick out the bigger fish. Sometimes on a pit you can actually stalk the big rudd and target individuals. I would catapult out a few free offerings first and get them feeding before actually casting to the fish.
  6. I live near St Ives in Cambridgeshire and know of a lovely little tributary off the Great Ouse, downstream of Houghton Mill. Part of this can be fished under the Houghton and Wyton AS ticket which I have, but part has a sign saying "M.A.S - Private Fishing". Locals I have spoken with have told me that it is Morleys (not sure of the spelling) Angling who they believe are based in Thrapston. I cannot find anything about this club on the internet. Does anyone know this water and/or have a contact number or address for them please?
  7. Hello All, With all the current publicity about knife crime etc I was wondering if anyone knew what the exact rules are that the Police currently apply when considering cautioning or charging someone with carrying a knife? In the past they have always applied some common sense and I have never heard of a genuine fisherman being prosecuted whilst going fishing. However as a fisherman who has always taken a penknife with him when fishing I was concerned that the government is currently pressing for anyone who is found carrying a knife to be prosecuted. Just a thought.
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