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  1. Geoffroy Palmer did this a while back! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Compleat-Angler-Geoffrey-Palmer-Borras/dp/B001G3EN9O Wasn't a bad watch, wouldnt pay that for it though!! Mat
  2. Hi all, My brother, who lives in Dunstable (near Luton) tells me he wants to get back into fishing more regularly this year. Our "goto" fishery in the area, Tingrith, seems to have vanished off the web! I believe it's gone syndicate I wondered if anyone could recommend a decent club or dayticket in the area with a mix of waters that'd suit all round anglers? Mat
  3. I got an email with subject line " Important Announcement for 2020 " Which said about 2/3 of the way down AD Rewards will be ending, effective immediately To recognise your loyalty we're giving away vouchers to all AD Reward members who have an outstanding balance, worth more than your current points total. To claim your voucher code, please simply click below
  4. Anglers paradise has a mix of both "specimen" carp and cat lakes and mixed lakes. they also have some more exotic stuff that you can't fish for in many places such as the Koi, golden orfe and golden tench. As for a couples holiday, the Villas are very comfortable and you are about 8 miles from Bude, but a car is essential if you want to do some sightseeing, AP really is in the middle of nowhere! however the fishing is a short walk from the Villas and bar area. I really love it there, couple of pics attached, but I do either go alone or with my (angler) brother. a non angler would
  5. It's not cheap - but I highly recommend Anglers Paradise in Devon. been there 3 times and booked up again for June this year. and I'm going to keep going back until I get a 5lb+ golden tench The wife and I also really enjoyed Cherry Lakes in the cotswolds, great for a chilled out couples break as you literally fish from the patio of your lodge. Mat
  6. Well I've never had a complete dunking, the closest I've had was a canal bank giving way and me sliding in roughly to mid-thigh before I managed to scramble back out! I do usually also keep a spare t shirt and trackie bottoms in the boot of the car "just in case" Mat
  7. Cherry lakes - Although the lodge I stayed in did have steps from the lodge to the fishing platform, not sure if any of the others would be suitable
  8. Would a method type feeder work better, using a very tightly packed ground bait? Something like expo takes a long time to come off the frame, and can carry a lot of particles too. Mat
  9. Same from me, i spent many enjoyable days at Wingham, both at the AN fish ins and as a member. Good luck in your retirement Steve. I wish you and Peggy all the best.
  10. I've been trying to get out at least once a week. had plenty of action but nothing really worthy of getting the scales and camera out but good fun on light gear. tench to around 3lb, some stillwater barbel (hang him!!!!) F1's bream etc I'm off to Anglers paradise in a few weeks, hopefully the scales and camera will be busy there Mat
  11. I've never done a foreign fishing holiday, but I love Anglers Paradise. Going back for my 3rd visit this Summer, and taking my brother too this time as he takes a pretty good photo 😃
  12. Nope I will be busy driving myself down to anglers paradise for a week! I'll be going the M3 way as I suspect the M4 might be busy, even have lanes closed etc in the Windsor area Mat
  13. just picked one of those up - the washing up bowl is just about the perfect size to mix up a 2kg bag of groundbait!
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