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  1. I don't know how accurate this is but found it while browsing a while back for Styl weight equivalents when setting up pole rigs. Hope it helps Split shot size Weight Shot equivalent 3SSG 4.8g 6 x AAA 2SSG 3.2g 4 x AAA LG 3g LSG 2g SSG 1.6g 2 x AAA AAA 0.8g 2 x BB AB 0.6g 2 x No1 BB 0.4g 2 x No4 No1 0.3g 3 x No6 No3 0.25g 2 x No6 No4 0.2g 3 x No9 No5 0.15g 2 x No8 No6 0.1g 2 x No10 No8 0.06g 2 x No11 No9 0.05g No10 0.04g 2 x No12 No11 0.03g No12 0.02g 2 x No13 No13 0.01g Pole float size Weight Shot equivalent 3 x 10 0.10g 2 x No10 shot 4 x 10 0.15g 3 x No9 sh
  2. Cheers, seems obvious now you mention it Can't believe I didn't think of that
  3. I had a similiar situation yesterday, at a fairly well known fishery. Had a good morning session catching some nice carp, when 2 lads and a young girl turned up, with the bare minimum of gear including no landing net. They then decided they were above the fishery rules, and started "stalking" the carp and using floating baits wherever they fancied, both against the rules. When I had the luck to hook into a decent carp (and personal best I might add, being my first double figure at 10lb 8oz) they all crowded round making playing the fish even harder while constantly playing "rave" musi
  4. Hi Folks, I have a preston Innovations Lerc 3002 12.5mtr. Now the problem I'm having is down to the fact I've not actually used it for a few years and can't remember what elastic is in it. I want to replace the elastic due to degradation and so I know what size I'm using before I start using it again and wondered if anyone knew what size elastics this pole can realisticly take. I fish a lot of commercial carp waters wher I have been using rod 'n' reel, but wouldn't mind giving the pole a go if it's up to the job. Thanks In advance
  5. Excellent work, you should feel proud of that. I know I would
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