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  1. I give up! Bye bye everyone.
  2. I agree Peter. Both weeklies set out to teach too much, and not report. However, I think it would be hard for them to change direction, without major re-organisation in their ranks. To be fair to both, their Match reporting is pretty good (if you match fish. I don't, but I reckon it looks pretty informative anyway). But if you look at the way it's done, there is very little photography to go along with it. The rest of the paper's content, is pretty high on the photography side of things, and without doubt, getting the layout of the artwork right, is a logistical nightmare. I would ima
  3. Well done Steve! But surely it just goes to show that no matter how much we put into studying and trying to learn about fish, they'll still flippin well act how they like, when they like, throwing any predictions and plans out of the window?
  4. Henry VIII kiled a few thousand Catholics, and Mary Queen of Scots (Bloody Mary) killed a few thousand Protestants, all in the name of Christianity. Add that to all the pagans burnt at the stake, all the africans, native americans, aborigines etc. All killed in much more recent times, because they dissagreed with christianity.
  5. Well, you learn something every day! I never realised they tucked up warm. I see an awful .ot of wasps in lofts at this time of year, when I'm sorting out the header tanks to people's boilers, which they never get serviced until the week before Xmas, when they stop working!
  6. Found this Peacock Butterfly on a wood pile I was sorting for a friend on Christmas eve. First one I've seen alive, but surely it ain't right for this time of year, is it? Surprised I haven't seen one before, they're supposed to be a few around here. It's just a shame it won't make it in this weather. I left it on a lavender bush.
  7. Teh Heh! We'd really love to have you on board though! Please, even if you don't like what you see now, watch what happens and consider it in the future. I'm sure that's all anyone can really hope for.
  8. No, not really a good idea, but there are those within angling circles who don't like pendulum casting.
  9. Before they get rid of all the speccie groups, they should ban pendulum casting. I think it's probably the worst thing to happen to angling!
  10. OK Elton, I'll give you a little bit on that. Perhaps I should phrase it "But I do know one thing for sure. The best way to influence the actions of organisations, or try to, is by being part of them." Incidentally, I heard a snippet on Radio 4 last evening. Can't remember who said it, but it was a piece about apathy in national politics (you know, the politics no-one wants to know about, until their politicians do something they don't like!). Whoever pointed it out, said that the combined paid-up membership of all of the big three political parties, is considerably less than the paid-up m
  11. Gozzer and Vagabond, like you I've had concerns about the ACA from time to time. I've also had doubts about ALL of the others from time to time as well. Fortunately, those doubts have not often come to total fruition. But I do know one thing for sure. You can only influence the actions of organisations, or try to, by being part of them. If any of the membership of the new body see things going awry, then I hope they put their voices to the fore and actively take part in changing things. I know I blinking well will!!
  12. I really do think that the "Who elected who to represent anglers" argument, is a dead dog. Let's look at it this way. 3 million anglers, with 3 million points of view, each totally different to each other. Each angler wants his own way, so all 3 million of them go, one at a time, to lobby their MP. The MPs, then make three million different decisions, all totally different, to suit each angler who has lobbied them. Now, angler number 2111654, had his own way, so did angler 145234. Unfortunately, angler 2111654, didn't like what 145234 wanted. So he then goes back to his MP, and complains
  13. Voted for No1, as it reminded me of spring, which I can't bloody wait for!
  14. First, we have the Camouflage trampoline: http://www.gforcetrampolines.com/product_d...rampoline%20Set Now, the camoufalge step ladders!: http://www.amazon.com/Louisville-Ladder-L-...s/dp/B0010Y1N6U Saw one of these at my much loved loacl tool shop the other day, definately on my Christmas list!
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