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  1. ok, an offer. I'll go to that god forsaken place...Kent for £60 (all in) & fix it in 15 mins or your money back.
  2. ....ps, n4lly, after registering for a "Log Me In" account, go to www.hotmail.co.uk & activate it ....then Cory etc, will fix it in about 5 mins ! If you've ever had Norton on your computer download this first Norton removal tool ...step 3
  3. ok, lol, i haven't read the prev posts. ....but mebbe try start (bottom left of the toolbar) control panel network and sharing center manage network connections right click properties & post. ...or just do what it says on the tin here... n4lly
  4. Ok N4lly, Fair enough. I'll stop telling you that it'll work,. ...but please stop telling me it won't, until you've tried the suggestions I've mentioned. try start control panel, internet options, advanced reset.. then go back in & under browsing untick Enable Third Party plug-ins. If you can get to most sites except antivirus ones ...then it's a newish virus. pinging. ipconfig /all, dns settings, tracert et al, don't matter much fo the new rootkits around atm. ...am going to re-reas this post , as sugested
  5. mebbe 1st show the suffix of the file. xp - right click start, explore, folder options, view, untick hide suffixes for known file types vista - control panel, folder options, view ...ditto if it's an office document, eg word,excel, access etc mebbe yours is newer and theirs are an older one & yours is trying to convert it open word/excel/etc click help up top & click about microsoft and make a note of the version then ask your mate to do the same. Mebbe ask someone to do a remote fix ! (Honestly, it takes about 30 secs to fix, but hours/days to describe & fix on
  6. n4lly, n4lly ! listen very carefully, I will say this only once mebbe try start control panel internet options & reset everything in sight to default values & try again. ...or reset internet explorers dll's here http://www.flipping-computers.co.uk/Jacs/ click 2 to 5 It works I tells ya , its works Do what it says here http://www.flipping-computers.co.uk/n4lly.html or go direct to https://secure.logmein.com/welcome/get_logm...free/signup.asp email [email protected] re-enter [email protected] enter password cavalier re-enter password cavali
  7. LOL, N4lly, mebbe try the link in my post....you don't need msn to work for a remote fix. ....or, in control panel, administive tools, services, set them all to automatic & reboot. That'll fix it! oh & when you're in the thinh make a note of the encryption eg wpa-psk, tkip, & passphrase
  8. N4lly, just an idea?!? ...coz you have full internet acces thru the cable, (when attched to the router) ...why not let peeps remote fix it? 3 min to fix, .....or 3 days to talk about possible solutions. ok, try a system restore to a month ago first & see if it works...bet it will Another option for peeps you trust... ....just a pointer for your mates http://www.flipping-computers.co.uk/n4lly.html after doing what it says on the tin .... ... log into hotmail with [email protected] password cavalier then when all is ok , delete "logmein" from add/remove p
  9. Dan, Thanks for the advice, ....which I'll try (try, I say ) to follow. Cheers Liam
  10. just to add...having had a very quick shufty at the prev posts if one computer can connect to the internet thru the router thru the cable (not wirelessly coz it could be picking up a neighbours) then the routers ok on the pc mebbe try start run cmd and type in netsh int ip reset liam if it generates an error do a a system restore to a date when it works try arp -d try lspfix - http://www.cexx.org/lspfix.htm (the .exe one) ...that's enough for now !!! also removing ivp6 can help (I know it shouldn't make any odds, but sometimes it does !)
  11. LOL, Thanks Newt, you know I meant nice to see you again mate ! n4lly, I'm guessing it's broadband through the telephone just open internet explorer (with the network cabl plugged in )& type in and then enter the username and password (a common list is at http://www.routerpasswords.com/) & have a look around (mebbe at the logs - if it says chap authentication failed - it's a username password thing) settings to ask for when you ring the isp are pppoa or pppoe vci & vpi &mtu that should fix it. Except of course if the adsl, or dsl lig
  12. OMG !!!!! - Newt !!! You're a network admin?!?!? That's not the problem ! The DNS address is right, ....it's passing the DNS over to the router !!!!!! Stop bafflin' with b******
  13. Just my 2 pence, if it's beeping, beeping, beeping !, many times a sec, it's a faulty add-on....keyboard, mouse, etc ...if it's beeping about once a sec it's prob a memory stick needs wobblin' The time to start worrying , imo, is when it stops bleeping ! TTFN Liam (LoonyL)
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