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  1. Pleaseeeee Sir can I have some MOREeeee, lol
  2. whats this Warning: file_exists() [function.file-exists]: open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/home/anglersn/public_html/forums/uploads) is not within the allowed path(s): (/tmp:/var/sites) in/var/sites/a/anglersnet.co.uk/public_html/forums/admin/applications/core/sources/classes/attach/class_attach.php on line 1564 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/sites/a/anglersnet.co.uk/public_html/forums/admin/applications/core/sources/classes/attach/class_attach.php:1564) in/var/sites/a/anglersnet.co.uk/public_html/forums/ips_kernel/c
  3. thats alright no problem I thought my computer might have posted something deptrimental, my computer is buggered it wont let me reformatt it, I think I need a new one nice to see you are still around Barry
  4. was it removed for some reason??? {Steve - you've seen the reason - migration to a new server and some topic went POOF!! If you could bring us up to speed on what you've tried and any progress or lack thereof, we can continue to offer ideas. Newt}
  5. Barry and Mr Shotter has everyone got fed up of all your jibberish, perhaps I should bring all my mates over here where its nice and quiet https://www.facebook.com/groups/9101062283/ lol lol lol
  6. I have roed up female bass that are 34.5 and 35 cm long its total bullxhit that female bass dont mature until they are 43-45 cm long, male and female bass mature at the same size which is under the present minimum landing size, Sounds like anglers may have a bag limit soon then.
  7. Maybe the Scottish Otter Boards have eaten all the fish lol lol lol
  8. Hi Barry I have got in my freezer female bass that are roed up and they are 34-35cms, Female bass spawn at the same age as male bass
  9. Talk about taking the trojan horse into your own camp, self imposed enermy within, the greens will eat them for breakfast, once the have learnt what they want to know
  10. So even with all the HYPE about discards "scientists bio mass level deamed sustainable for the first time for years" so discards cant being having an affect like the goodie two shoes greens keep raving about, I allways said that HUGHs discard campaign was all about filling his CAFE's up more than anything else
  11. QUOTE (Sportsman @ Apr 4 2012, 09:55 AM) I have just got my PC back up and running after a particularly nasty ransomware trojan took it over. It was purporting to be from the French Gendarmerie and said that my computer had been blocked for downloading movies illegally. The only way I could unblock it was by sending them 100Euro. The question is how do I stop it happening again? I am running Windows 7 Home Premium My normal virus protection is Microsoft Security Essentials which was running OK as far as I know. I scan every week with Malwarebytes Since this episode I have added Adawa
  12. This one is easy to get rid of. Switch on computer tapping the F8 key to start up in safe mode Select safe mode with Command Prompt When that comes up type in using capitals MSCONFIG You will then get another box and select the one marked START UP and click that tab Look down the list of start up programmes and uncheck all the ones that look doddy, dont worry because you can turn them back When you look down the list you will what I mean, after selecting the doddy ones click apply You will be asked to restart your computer click ok and it will do it for you when your computer resta
  13. Hi Barry How have you been doing, catching lots of those cod that we cant catch, Anglers in my marina have done well for them all over the winter nice size fish as well, I think this french thing is a wind up, I can understand the smaller french boats putting pressure on to stop the winter pair trawl fishery, thats fair enough I have written letters to DEFRA and the EU about stopping that fishery As for a higher MLS and closed season for bass thats just crazy, it will all end up as discards, if you raise the MMS for codends then you wont catch any soles and we all live in mixed fishe
  14. This has to be a wind up, no way will french commercials will wear this, they will blockade everything and everywhere, then there is the question of discards in a closed season and discard on the increase in mls everyone fishes in a mixed fishery if the french mms to a 42cm bass size nobody will catch anything, If closed season and mls happens hugh amounts of all sized bass will be discarded dead along with all the present discards, yeah this is just the stupid madness that european fishery managers do, still the up side is anglers will only be able to land a 1 fish bag limit if in fact th
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