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  1. I thought they found a dead one, but that have been another? Chesil sounds a good bet, is lug or squid working best?
  2. Thanks, that's what I thought although the key at Mudeford or Avon Beach looked more promising but has a fierce tide and I've no idea what might be there! (weed probably!) TBH I think we might head to Chesil, or perhaps Kimmeridge
  3. Hi, anyone know any good marks this time of year between Bournemouth and Christchurch? I'd like to go fishing with my son and he lives down that way. Cheers Dan
  4. I name it ....... "Barry"!
  5. Hiya I haven't fished North Devon much but the nearest pier is prob Weston or Clevedon (not close!) I'd suggest fishing off the rocks (mind the tides they are big) and spinning for bass/mackerel using a Dexter wedge, rapala type plug or Toby. Early morning/evening is usually best. If its calm try float fishing with rag worm or mackeral strips. Ilfracombe has a harbour wall you can fish off I think? If you don't catch anything don't worry its a beautiful part of the coast! The local fishing shops will always give advice. Dan
  6. I'm more East Devon/Lyme Regis, still good fishing but no good if you cant get out! Dan
  7. I have a 14'6" aluminium semi V Seastrike with a 10hp Tohatsu. Rated to a force 5/6 for 4 people and light as a feather. It does 20mph with just me on board. No cuddy tho. Its a really easy boat to move about and launch single handed. Dan
  8. Dan

    Now thats a cod

    Well I thought it wasn't either until I saw his - mine is a 50lb cod also caught in Norway (Rost). This was a thread from a few years ago - http://www.anglersnet.co.uk/forums/Sea-fis...y-t1970786.html We're thinking of another trip next year
  9. Dan

    Now thats a cod

    I feel inadequate!
  10. Its a long beach! Abbotsbury by the antitank defences was always good, Generally the bottom is clear along chesil, I guess you were near Portland, that used to be rocky. My favourite way to fish was to travel light and move along the beach. Take one bottom rod and another for spinning/feathering, mackerel should be in by now. Dan
  11. Not sure what nets you mean, traps or hand nets? If the tide is out and its rocky where you are fishing you can use ametal framed hand net to run the net throgh the sea weed around the rocks and under ledges etc. f you are fihing from a quay or near deep water the traps might work better. Dan
  12. Nice fish, not really a Cod as we know them tho! - fixed spool reels too. Dan
  13. Done, too close to home for me to lose.
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