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  1. thanks everyone the tips are perfect i caught a fish, its a start, i didnt even realise it was on until i lifted the hook out of the water to check if my bait was still on
  2. thanks everyone, the shot between the float and hook is usually a AAA or a BB and is usually around 3 to 4 inch away from the hook, ill give it a try using a different kind of line, iv been around asking people and they say the canal is 2ft to 5ft deep, so i think im fishing on the bottom, and really im fishing for anything, i went today and still had no luck (before i read this post) im gonna try again tomorrow. your not allowed to use groundbait in the canal that i fish on, i heard that a bit of bread with some marmite is good bait, theres also a big ass carp in the canal too about 15inch lo
  3. i could its only about 7miles away but im not a good angler so nuts to that
  4. hi again im going fishing to the canal tomorrow, could any give me some tips please, iv been fishing there about 7 or 8 times now and only caught 1 fish. i dont really see what im doing wrong iv have my float about 50cm to 1m away from the hook, iv tried sweetcorn, bread, luncheon meat and maggots and yes i do bait up around the float, im also using a size 11 barbless hook and a match fishing rod with 6lb line on it. the one thing that that annoys me is i see them swim right past my float.
  5. well if your still having problem, theres an administrator account thats hidden by deafault, i dont know how to permanately make it visiable but when you turn on the computer just tap f8 and start in safe mode and you should see another admin account that doesnt have a password
  6. i have an 80gb IDE and a 160gb SATA, i use the ide for all my games and i use the sata for storing all my videos, music just so if windows decides to die i still have all my stuff.
  7. ahh, my school does the exact same but theres a little trick for this try using a proxy while at work, i used to always do it so i could get on youtube
  8. hi everyone, my name is craig im 15 and live in royston, south yorkshire. a friend reccomended to try fishing, first day i caught a fish (probably beginers luck) dont know what it was but it was silver and had red fins. i bought my licence and permit for a canal. im kindda a computer nerd so if anyone has problem with there pc let me know and i could help
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