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  1. Oh I've not been yet. I wanted some tips before I went ideally! :-)
  2. Hi I've not been on here for a while, in fact about a year. It's amazing what becoming a Dad does to your time!! Anyhow I'm planning a day off work soon so that I can get some fishing in and fancy giving this place a bash. Anyone on here been there before and got any tips? I think it'll be the smaller lake that I'll try. Failing that anywhere near Nottingham that you can get a day ticket for that you'd recommend for someone who isn't bothered what he catches so long as he does! Cheers all Rob
  3. This is a bait that I've never used before, but have been told to try it at a local pond. How do I hook it? As in can I put it straight on the hook or do I need to hair rig it? And if the latter will that work for species other than carp? I'm hoping I can put it straight on the hook so that I can switch to say sweetcorn easily to tempt other species that might not work on hair rigs (roach for example?)> Many thanks Rob
  4. Hi Has anyone fished these? I've been told that they're worth a try so thinking of paying a visit this Sunday. Any tips on method, bait etc would be most welcome. Rob
  5. I've got what I hope is a good recipe for cheese paste, although I'd be interested to hear your recipe/s. What cheese is best to add? Particularly if you're going to a venue where you don't know if it gets used. I did read somewhere that I should get my hands on the smelliest cheese I can find. Would anyone agree with that?
  6. Sounds like a phantom fish to me! White with red sounds like some form of Goldfish/Koi Carp. Could someone have dumped their pets in the canal? Either that or you've discovered a new species.
  7. That is hilarious. I wonder what Robson Green would say. No doubt a lot of expletives. Actually with some of the 'fishing' trips he's been on they'd probably be using missiles as the method!
  8. In answer to your original question I'm getting excited. I am also very nervous about blanking as it's been so long since I fished! So long as I can catch a few tench and the odd carp/roach I'll be happy; who am I kidding I'll be happy with a gudgeon!
  9. Although it's been a while since I fished (to be remedied in less than a week!!!!), here are my experiences... I might be stating the obvious, but unless you're brave don't go on your own. I tried it once on a local canal and even though there was a main road running parallel to it, it's amazing what tricks the mind plays at night! You won't be able to talk much, but it'll definitely help you. A head torch is a great idea. I always used to have one and found it to be of great benefit. Wrapping up warm is essential. I remember the one and only time I didn't and sitting there with my teeth chattering was not a pleasant experience. A hat and a warm coat will help. A hot flask is always welcome, even if for just a caffiene boost in the morning! Keeping everything to hand is essential. I used to keep a discorger behind my ear (which I always did in the day time anyhow) and forceps clipped to my jacket. I had an old combat jacket that had a lot of pockets, which was useful for keeping things in. I remember one night feeling something crawling over my feet and seeing a rat walking over my boots. I don't know which of us jumped the furthest me or the rat, probably me! So be prepared to see things you might not see in the day. There is definitely nothing like that hour or so as night ends and dawn begins. Janet sums it up excellently. I've very fond memories of my float dipping and hooking into a tench. Oh and, not knowing your age, don't do what I did once as a teenager when my dad said I couldn't stay out all night but could go early in the morning. Which was to sneak out at about 1am in defiance of his orders. Boy did I get a telling off when I got home!
  10. I'm hoping that the lack of replies means I'm on the right track! Actually I suspect that nobody has read it who fishes there. Those of you who don't, looking at the information about the venue, does what I've said sound about right? Cheers
  11. Cheers Newt. You might have hit the nail on the head. I'm logged in from work at the moment and knowing my employer's paranoia I bet our firewalls are blocking the pictures. I'll try it from home tonight and see how things are. It'll be damn annoying if so, as it'd be good to be able to read these topics and see the pictures when I'm *ahem* on my lunch break
  12. TrevBoy, did you go to Eastwood Duck Ponds in the end (you may still be doing so!)? How have you found it? Any tips? I'm going to start fishing there soon!
  13. Whenever I go into a thread that has a photo embedded in it, all I see is a white box with a red cross in the middle. Any idea what might be causing this?
  14. Hi Peter I can fully sympathise with your issue and hope it gets sorted out. I live on a cul-de-sac and you'd think that would be free of inconsiderate drivers, but alas no. It's all terracing and everyone has to park on the street, and there are a few idiot neighbours who think it is acceptable to box you in. I'm glad I have power steering, but I do wonder how my pregnant wife copes with no power assistance. Sometimes it'd be appropriate for them to leave you a tin opener! It used to be a thoroughfare, so we only have a raised kerb at the end. The amount of people who think they can drive over that just because they've got a 4x4 is amazing; I swear one of these days one of the many kids that play at the top of the street will be run over. It even attracts joy riders from the local council estate who like to use it as a way of losing the police; it worked the other week when a squad car got beached on the raised pavement. I couldn't help laughing I have to say! My parents have been trying for years to get parking on their road "residents only" to stop football fans parking on their road (even though it's a good mile or so from the ground). Even though there is such parking restrictions within 30 metres of their house the council aren't willing to extend the zone. It can be a damn nightmare at times. Why should they have to move when they've been there over 30 years!? The biggest problem is definitely a lack of consideration. The attitude seems to be "bugger you Jack I'm alright". And in my experience it doesn't matter if it's your neighbours, visitors or workmen. I've had to start dealing with the inconsideration by parking in such a way that I have as much space as possible, regardless of if it's condsiderate for anyone else - not much more I can do. Like I say, good luck with getting it sorted. Rob
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