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  1. Last few places :::: We have a few places on the weekend of the 04th / 05th September in Clevedon, North Somerset. 04th September is a one day introduction to kayaking using a SOT and is priced at £60 per person inclusive of equipment if needed and availible at the time of booking 04th & 05th September – a two day course to the British Canoe Union 1 star standard – one day on the marine lake in Clevedon and the Sunday an escorted day trip and assessment on the Exe Canal / Exe River - £90.00 including certification and equipment if needed / availible The cost of travelling to and from Exeter or Clevedon is not covered by the course fees. For more details please either call or check out the “SOT” courses on the website. The booking form is available as a download from the website or by email request. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Kind regards Clive Bishop Coach Nomads Kayak Coaching Clevedon, North Somerset. Tel: 07544 316927 Email: info@nomadscoaching.co.uk Web: www.nomadscoaching.co.uk
  2. We have a few places left on our SOT courses on the 21st August and 04th September, based on the safe, salt water marine lake in Clevedon, North Somerset. These courses have been designed for the SOT angler who needs to have the boat skills etc for when they are out fishing. We were at the recent SWKA Oxwich event and again will be featured in the upcoming Sea Angler magazine article on saftey when kayak angling..... If you fancy a place on these courses then please get in contact very soon...Nomads kayaking will make a donation for all "Anglers Afloat" members..... Give us a call on 07544 316927 or email: info@nomadscoaching.co.uk www.nomadscoaching.co.uk SOT_Course_Details.pdf
  3. Hi Recco, Your comment about getting training is very pertinent as you wills ee form my other posts etc. If your new members want any training then we are only across the Bristol Channel and having rescued several anglers from this region and doen in Devon we have set up the first BCU course for SOT's - Leisure & Angling. I wish you every success with the club and you certainley have a great ara of the UK there - we reguallrly go surf kayaking in the area or across into Pembrokeshire, though the Bitches can be interesting and then cathcing a few Bass or Pollcok on the journey back around the headland and along the coast on a troll.. Have fun with the seals though as their favourite trick last time out was to have a quick snack on the fish as we were winding it or fight them...great fight, sudden stop and then you find half a fish on the end
  4. OK the Ocean Frenzy is a different type / style to the Dagger Fiesta / Approach. This is a "SOT" sit on top which most anglers use as they have more open space etc and are a more stable platform from which to fish. My best advice at this time without talking directly to you would be: If fishing is the priority then look at a more suitible kayak for your needs - Ocean Frenzy is more lesiure based. Go to a local retailer of fishing kayaks - contcta me with your home town and I will give you a few options Make sure that you try out a few for sizing as the Ocean Frenzy is a bit small for me - I can play around in it but to fish or do longer trips - no chance. Bottom line is that there are a multitude of options - it all depends on your needs and means (price/budget) Whatever you do make sure that you get some instruction - you are entering a potentially dangerous sport theme..... Have met another 6 people this last weekend that have had near death experiences in / on kayaks, all now experineced but wished they had spent the money on getting the right initial training. Happy hunting
  5. Very late response to this and so if you have got yourself sorted out then ignre this post.....Dagger Fiesta...don't bother unless all you want to do is a slow paddle along a canal, lake or river (slow moving). Very little storage on them as well. I would suggest that if you want an allrounder then look at the Dagger Approach, I use one for general kayking, coaching and some fishing and have mine equiped with rod holders etc. Mine is the Expedition model, but the colour and other stuff I have done as a special order, though now you can order a Dagger Approach with the fishing parts equipped on the boat.
  6. Many Anglers are now getting interested in this form of fishing, decide to go and buy the kayak and the gear but get no formal training on how to use the kayak or safety training.....believe me I have in 2009, rescued four anglers out fishing in Clevedon Bay who fell in and couldn't get back on their boat!!!! So as a kayak coach and also someone who fishes at sea - boat and baech all over the world I have decided to do somehting that hasn't previously been availible. SeaAngler magazine has been running features on this type of fishing recently with input on the theme from myself. To this end, I have set up with a fellow kayak coach ,a registered course for all those people who want to get trained with their new gear or who are planning on getting sit on top kayaks. The course is one day and there are dates from March through to September, all Saturdays. If you have seen the articles in Sea Angler over the last few months you will know how important this is, after all, would you buy a boat and take it out with no training especially if you haven't driven a boat before???? - I know there is no legal case and I am still amazed about that but lets start to put our area right Full details below of the courses, to be held on the Clevedon Marine Lake. Six hour introductory course for Sit on Top Kayaking. Courses are held in Clevedon, North Somerset on the sheltered saltwater lake. Course dates: · 27th March · 17th April · 8th May · 22nd May · 26th June · 3rd July · 17th July · 31st July · 14th August · 21st August · 4th September The cost of the course is £60 per person, this includes British Canoe Union Paddlesport certificate (loan of boats and safety equipment are available on request at time of booking but cannot be guaranteed). For more details and booking froms etc please contact: Nomads Kayak Coaching Contact: Clive Bishop or Steve Holland T: 07544 316927 E: nomadskayaking@gmail.com SOT_Course_Details.pdf
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