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  1. new updates at www.kentcharterfishing.com Thanks, Dave.
  2. Good on them. Great for all the people that have put a lot of hard work into the gradual restoration of the Thames to have their efforts recognised. Baz, you live round the corner from Leon, pop round and sort it out. You`re getting very dull repeating the same stuff over and over at every oppourtunity on every forum you can find.
  3. As for seasons it really depends on where the boats can get to but a rough guide would be, May, june, july, aug, sept. inshore Bass, Skate(thornback rays), Smoothounds, blonde rays, plaice, pouting, whiting, dogfish. Offshore Cod, Bass, pollock, gurnards, turbot, brill. Oct, nov, dec, jan, feb, march, april. inshore cod, skate, dogfish, dabs, whiting,pouting. Offshore, Pollock, bass. Thats a really simplistic guide of course there`s many more options from Ramsgate such as whether to fish the Famous Thames Estuary or the infamous ship swallowing Goodwin Sands. Being on the Eastern Tip of Kent we have the option to either fish towards the North, East or South. Not just a one dimensional port. Dave.
  4. One of the easiest ports to drive to or get the train to from London is sunny Ramsgate. Direct train line or motorway and dual carriage way all the way. The jewel of the East Kent Riviera, it boasts a superb inshore fishery as well as good offshore wreck and bank fishing. Maybe i am biased, Dave. www.kentcharterfishing.com
  5. Under 10`s Paul Joy on RSG for BS. probably be too late by the time a list is drawn up.
  6. Balanced Seas, As has been stated by others i have been put forward by the Proffessional Boatmans Association and accepted a seat on the Regional Stakeholders Group. My area of interest/expertise is all aspects of the charter boat industry, Angling/Diving/sightseeing/workboat. Should anyone have any concerns/input please contact either your local group representative or myself. Dave Hancock. www.kentcharterfishing.com
  7. An alternative view might be that it`s all futile anyway as the same old people that have done angling such a dis-service in the past are already queueing up for the jobs . . .
  8. They`ll be thrilled when the oiks traipse in with a pouting or two off the pier . . .
  9. Please send to relevant persons. Hot air on forums counts for nothing.
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