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  1. Nice one Chris, they look like a net full of beauties!
  2. Smiffles


    My collection
  3. At last.... I actually get a few minutes in front of the computer without any interruptions! :-) Well, what more can I say, that hasn't been said already. This was the most amazing weekend of fishing that I have ever experienced and in such a beautiful location too. I can't say thank you enough to everyone who made this weekend possible and for all the tips and tales shared it just made it a truly unforgettable weekend and a special thank you to Steve for having Dales and I there for the weekend. Not only did I catch my PB perch of 3.14 within the first 30 minutes of fishing but I cau
  4. So far the species I have caught in 2010 are: Bream Tench Roach Perch I need to step it up a notch this weekend
  5. Thank you for the welcome! He'd better watch out, I'm getting a bit handy with the numchuks on the Wii
  6. When I was a nipper my aunt got me interested in ornothology, I was even a member of the RSPB's Young Ornothologists Club (I'm sure I've still got my badge somewhere and a book I won in a bird painting competition!)......... and cue 'bird watching jokes'
  7. The rats have now evolved down Lea Bridge Road, they carry knives and guns now! One of my friends lives overlooking the Regents Canal and a few summers ago we could see huge mirror carp feeding along the overhanding trees and shrubs, but I bet they have become someones supper now
  8. Thanks everyone, all comments and suggestions duly taken on board, I've got my fingers crossed and I can't wait for the long weekend
  9. That's because I'm smarter than the average bear
  10. Hee hee you crack me up, I like your style, unfortunately your plots are flawed! I don't do heights, I can hold my drink, I grew up on a council estate in Hackney so bring on the bear baiting, (PETA, I'm kidding!!! I love furry critters, just ask Dales how many bags of his cashews I fed to the wild racoons, he was sooooooooooo not amused!) I put my fishing skills down to luck, If I win, I win, if not................. I'm hiding his fishing gear
  11. I could always hit the London aquarium in my lunch hour with my camera, followed by an evening in with PhotoShop and my and my species tally will sky rocket! It may be a bit difficult explaining how a caught a black tipped reef shark in Lake John, but I'm sure I must have a few holiday snap shots of the beach I can tweak a little There is nothing like a little healthy competition, If I lose it will just make me more determined next year!
  12. I thought that you were more annoyed at the 4, 40lb plus siamese carp that I caught on apple. I think the trick was to cut the apple piece into the shape of a boilie (don't leave any skin on), they are slightly bouyant too!
  13. Just for reference, the washing machine is the larger of the two white appliances in the kitchen, the smaller one is the tumble dryer :-).
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