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  1. I can't comment about Thames Perch as never fished it. However, I have had a lot of Perch and Pike from lock cuts and canalised river sections when it has been coloured up and high. The one thing I would note, is that almost all the fish I have caught in these conditions have been from areas that have produced for me at other times. Known areas that hold fish. Trying new sections to me has often drawn a blank. So my assumption is that they will stay in the same area as normal if they can. I dont think all the text book theories about fish moving to calmer areas works out on all waters. I
  2. Not much fun at the moment. I was fishing on Saturday, it lashed it down. I rather stupidly thought overcast skies and plenty of rain would = Zander. Not even a touch at sunset and stupid decision number 2, I fished on in to darkness for an hour or two. So ended up packing up in the dark, wet, cold and without a single fish. I feel the cold these days so may well end up a bit of a fair weather fisherman. However, I am hoping to do some Pike fishing on the local resevours even if it's only short half day sessions.
  3. Great pics and sounds like a top days fishing. There is something special about those days when you get a mix of fish and anything can be on the end of your hook when the float disappears.
  4. lol I remember moaning before to mates that my PVA bags kept melting. I was putting sweet corn in them. Been on the beer the night before and wondered why wet corn was melting the bags
  5. Does anyone remember flavoured PVA bags? I think they were called Flavour'em. They were supposed to have flavouring in the actual PVA as fish would be put off the bitter taste of PVA I think they were all fruit flavoured, strawberry etc. Ok, I almost get the idea of putting flavouring in the PVA material but also why would you when you plan to add your own inside the bag. I love PVA bags, mesh, tape, string, nuggets. I love it all but I never bought "flavoured PVA" Don't know if its still a thing but I though of this thread when I ordered a load of mesh from ebay. What stuck in my min
  6. I'm not to bad at the moment. I had a few issues over the last 2 years and had to take 6 months of work and had a number of heart operations. I am now the proud owner of 2 mechanical heart valves. I did ask the surgeon for camo ones but not sure if he gave them to me or not. I do like to think they are DPM or Realtree. I enjoyed re-reading some of that thread. I will read a bit more latter, we certainly used to have some good fun threads. I only just returned to fishing a few weeks ago and so hopefully will pop in to Anglers Net a bit more. Coincidently, the first water I visited was a
  7. I rather like those distance sticks, not so keen on the over fity quid part. Even if they were extremly cheap, I'm not sure I would buy actual "distance sticks" when something else would suffice. However, from using sticks before I have struggled to find them to measure out my line Even with bank sticks, some times I have really had to try to find them. That might say more about my eye site then anything else but using something that is easy to see is a good idea unless you are a secret squirrel and dont want some one else working out the distance to your spot. I have a couple of those pe
  8. It took me a while to come around to having the confidence to fish with just fake baits and so went around the usual combining it with food valve bait (ie boilie topped with fake corn) However, once you have used it with some success then it becomes a very valuable tool in certain circumstances. As already stated its good when after fish that "hoover up" bait with corn being my favourite. When, I have been reasonably confident of catching, I have fished with just a small polystyrene ball on a hook to negate the weight of the hook. When fish are feeding it has often out fished real bait or
  9. Many thanks Steve, for the opportunity to fish Wingham. Like others, I have very fond memories of my time spent there. I wish both you and Peggy a long and happy retirement.
  10. I watched the series and enjoyed it. It's certainly not the best fishing program by a mile but I don't think it set out to be a fishing program per se or a comedy program for that matter. I just think it is was a general bit of entertainment without being particularly aimed at a certain audience. However, I did watch it from an odd perspective and if they did have a target audience, I probably ticked every box. I enjoy fishing, watch almost anything on TV to do with fishing no matter how bad and had open heart surgery last year. So from my point of view, it made very topical and entertaini
  11. Happy Christmas everyone and all the best for the new year.
  12. I don't eat fish, which seems to amaze non-anglers. You fish and you don't even eat them. So for me, it would be. Sausage in Batter Cornish Pasty Sausage Roll
  13. No, the guy in the article.
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