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  1. Hi All, It has been a while since I posted as I had to unfortunately stop making the bite alarms due to new job commitments. I have a limited number of components to do a final run of GFs alarms just to use up this stock and free up some room in my spare bedroom !! I know that a lot of people on here gave me a great deal of encouragement when I took over the business and wanted to gauge demand for a limited run before I commit my time to actual manufacture them. I would be selling them for £19.99, the cases would be plain black with no markings (print companies want a large minimum run) but everything else would be as per standard GFs. So if anyone who is interested could just reply I can then decide if it is worth doing. Thanks Phil
  2. Hi, I sill have the pole but not really interested in the swap. Thanks
  3. Hi All, Thanks Steve for the voicemail. I am not able to make anymore units purely down to time commitments with my new job. The business is still up for sale for £3k which includes all injection mould tooling, existing stocks( which are quite substantial), and also designs & working prototype for a new wireless system which in itself cost £5k to develop and just needs tweaking. If you or you know anyone interested just PM me. Thanks Phil
  4. Around 100 units, with no promotion at all other than a website, the business needs someone who has the time to actively promote and of course introduce the new wireless system.
  5. Your right Steve thanks to all who helped in the development phase Just sorry I can't give it the time to come to fruition. The larger roller wheels are just a minor change to exisiting tooling so not a big deal at all.
  6. Hi All, Unfortunately due to a change in jobs and a lack of time, the time has come to pass GF Bite Alarms on to somebody else. The business will be sold with all the injection mould tooling, and plenty of existing stock to enable the new owner to start trading straight away. The best thing is that I have paid for the development of a wireless system and a working prototype is available, this won't need much more work before it is ready to go on sale, ask Steve Burke on here he was impressed with the functionality of these prototypes which were developed with his kind help. This could be a cracking business for someone with the time to develop it. If anyone is interested just PM me on here and we can discuss further. Thanks Phil
  7. Hi It is the standard Diaflash, sorry for delay in replying as I have been on holiday.
  8. Hi, I have a Shimano Diaflash 14m Pole with spare top sections for sale. Looking for £175. Thanks Phil
  9. Hi, I have a Shimano Diaflash that I am willing to sell which also has spare top sections. It is fairly old but in good condition and when new was one of the best poles on the market. Coud be ok if you wanted to try match fishing before spending all your budget and not liking it. Let me know if your interested.
  10. Hi All, sorry i haven't been on here for a while but if anyone has any questions about my alarms don't hesitate to ask. Dave, hope you are pleased with the alarm and if you have any issues at all just let me know. Steve, as always thanks for the good words you write about my alarms, really is appreciated. Thanks Phil
  11. All just to let you know, if you want to purchase on the website dont go to the shop page. If you click on GFs on products then scroll down to the bottom of the product description there is an 'add to cart' button which will then take you to Paypal. If anyone has problems let me know. Thanks
  12. Hi, I keep getting a few emails asking if I am still making the GF Bite Alarms as they can't find the website. I think the issue is that most links on here are to the .co.uk website which I had to close down as it kept getting hacked and infected. Can I just let everyone know that I currently I only make the GFs alarm and that these can be ordered at www.gfbitealarms.com. They are £14.99 each. Thanks Phil
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