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  1. You could always try a car boot if there is one nearby. for the cost of a table ( £5-10) could be a good punt
  2. Jim Steinman composer. Famous for Bat out of Hell amongst others
  3. Peter Lorimer - Leeds United legend
  4. no no no no Vicar of Dibley star Trevor Peacock dies at 89
  5. Thames Water fined £2.3m for Henley fish-death pollution - BBC News
  6. Ian St John - one of the greats of Anfield
  7. Johnny Briggs aka Mike Baldwin from Corrie Street. Also a pilot in 633 Squadron I believe
  8. I can't be too accurate but I am sure different makers produce different hooklength line strength. these days line diameter seems to be thing so you may find a stronger line has a low diameter
  9. 1,000 EU finance firms 'set to open UK offices' - BBC News
  10. Chick Corea - celebrated jazz musician
  11. Boo I didn't get a sticker
  12. Remember the engines Green Goddess and Black Prince along with Typhoon and Hurricane. We used to holiday at St Mary's bay in a friends garden house. There was an amazing bakery near to the station. I believe there was an early Pontins holiday camp there for the richer folks. Many Londoners like myself came to New Romney on a fullsize steam train then used the RHDR along the coast to our destinations. There are still holiday camps along the line and the last time I was there there was a fairground at Dymchurch and a model railway layout on New Romney.
  13. now we can fish locally no need to break the law !!
  14. Gerry Marsden of the pacemakers. You'll never walk alone
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