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  1. he told me what to use but never stated how he used them and hes not been online for a while hence why im asking for help here
  2. well i know of someone that was doing same thing and has had carp and tench on same water
  3. im going to fish 4mm trout pellets as free offerings with red maggots on the hook and was wondering as ive never used pellets before how much should i put in its on my local canal dont want to over feed just draw them in and keep them interested thanks in advance rab
  4. tried to join your forum i registered but then instead of letting me join i got banned why
  5. tried to join your forum but you just banned me without access why ???????????????/
  6. only seems to tell you pike and a few years ago it won fish of the week in the daily record
  7. can any one give me directions to this travelling from lambhill by public transport
  8. does any one know what fish are in this loch thanks
  9. sorry to swear on the forum but what the f**k is the point in that what stupid idiot would do such a thing calling them self a angler i hope they get hung on display
  10. dont get me wrong love catching roach just annoying me i cant catch a tench
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