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  1. I can too! Especially 'anglers' with knuckle tattoos!
  2. I'm afraid I have to agree, I recently had a Drennan Puddlechucker rod break on me!
  3. I said that because I've had problems returning faulty items to them in the past...
  4. Yeah, part of me's more annoyed that I lost the fish! If I have any trouble I would very much appreciate your help on the matter...
  5. I haven't actually yet Den, as I'm afraid of what they'll say...
  6. Yeah it the cookies would tell it to do that - great idea!
  7. Yeah, I've had trouble with them returning things in the past. I think I will have to revert back to buying all of my tackle online again!
  8. Unfortunately for me, the staff in this shop are pretty simple and are generally ignorant of things like The Sales of Goods Act, so I'm really worried that they will try to f*** me over. Also it definitely wasn't 'consumer fault' as I treated that thing like a baby!
  9. The problem is, that the fault is not present in me! I'm nothing but amicable and amenable towards my father, yet he's nothing but rude, violent and condescending. The problem with sociopaths - and I've read a lot on the subject - is that there simply is no cure - or even palliative treatment for that matter, they are genetically predisposed to ruin the lives of others and I am forced to live under the same roof as him, here in London even the most humble of flats are £200 a week, and I only earn £5.75 an hour as a lifeguard... What kind of things do the Samaritans do to help people? Besid
  10. Yeah, what happened to customer service?
  11. Regarding my dad, I did actually report him to social services - I honestly didn't want to. However I'm pretty sure he's a sociopath (he possess a superficial charm and is a very convincing compulsive liar, which in combination with his behaviour and history is heavily indicative of sociopathy.) When the man from social services came down I explained to him everything that my father had done, my father simply sat there calmly and told him that everything I had described was a lie, whilst simultaneously fabricating things which I had supposedly done to him, sitting there seeing the man from soc
  12. Long story short: went fishing this morning, hooked into a large barbel, was enjoying playing it when *CRACK* the rod snapped half-way through the middle section! It was a Drennan Series 7 Puddlechucker Method Feeder rod purchased for £90 from Gerry's of Wimbledon in late April this year. I was using the reccomended 8lb mainline, through to an 8lb Drennan Doublestrength hooklength, which actually breaks at around 7lb. What do I do? I can't afford to simply waltz back in there and by another one - I earn £5.75 an hour! Please help me - I'm distraught - it was my favourite rod, and s
  13. My father physically and psychologically abuses me and my mother, he shows me no respect and is incredibly rude - please tell me why I should respect him?
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