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  1. would you take a handfull of shells and two white mice for the pants. what happened to the code "what happens at wingham stays at wingham". i'm too sexy for my shirt - too sexy........... :-)
  2. at the start of a day session proud mum duck had 10 ducklings, by lunch two had gone. when i packed up there were only five left. there are a lot of 7LB pike in the water.
  3. teddy

    Bait saving

    I buy pellets, maize, molasses and hemp in bulk from an animal feed wholesaler - They also sell pigeon condition mix (Partiblend) and Vitalin. I get whole dried chillies and turmeric from a herb seller - All far cheaper and i can prepare the amount i need. P.S. Never touch your peewee after grinding chillies. LOL
  4. I have not had a reply from the management despite having twice PMd - an unofficial reply i have had is that "plastic lures/plugs/spinners do not carry on fishing if they are lost". I disagree with this view as the pike are so voracious - they take anything that’s lying on the bottom. I will let you know how it goes.
  5. i remeber seeing keith floyd cook pike many years ago - in fact he cocked up filleting it - the french devour pike as a delicacy. you get a fair size fillet from a 7Lb fish - surely the odd cock fish does not hurt.
  6. Having asked the question about lures/plugs/spinners/foam/cork/flies they have so far not replied - i guess they may not. It’s a good job i am 6 foot tall - blonde hair and blue eyes and like to burn books. What next? I will let you know if they reply
  7. exactly Budgie. any rig wrongly tied or attached could be lethal if cracked off. every angler has to visit the baliff's hut to buy a day ticket, why not just have a quick check of gear then and the baliff sign the day ticket to certify that the set up was ok at that point. the water says they are available to give advice, surely this is there chance. i am not convinced all is about fish care, i think there is an element of selling bait as well.
  8. well i have asked them the following Does this include Avid Carp Corn Stops and Sight Stops Corn Stops and highlites used in combination with real baits? What about plastic lures/plugs/spinners/foam or cork cored boillies or flies? Why not introduce a minimum main line / hooklength strength rule? Instead of the plastic ban why not certify our set ups at the shop. A bailiff could check our rigs and sign the day ticket. i agree about the boillies - how long do they last on the hook?
  9. Instead of the plastic ban why not certify our set ups at the shop. A bailiff could check our rigs and sign the day ticket.
  10. Interesting what you say Mat about preferred pellets - the water owner may have connections to a bait company - less plastic more real bait sales - i have had the same plastic baits for over 10 years. keep going with the thoughts and comments.
  11. Thanks for your thoughts - if this became a blanket ban, like lead shot did, i wonder what the reaction would be and what Enterprise Tackle Ltd (main producer of imitation baits) would have to say. Please keep the thoughts/comments coming. John
  12. I am relying on the providers of excellent advice who know what they are talking about. Thanks in advance. A water i fish has just introduced some new rules. "No Plastic Baits, No Fixed Leads - We will be doing random checks" The rationale for this is "If you crack off the rig is always fishing as the plastic bait can not come off." I know that if we don’t like the rules we can fish elsewhere but having seen videos by the likes of Danny Fairbrass and co, In which they use plastic baits so i am struggling with this one. I usually fish the odd grain of plastic corn or a
  13. thanks for your advice. i will put some 50LB on as a leader.
  14. I see what you mean - i think i got a bit caught up in all this. The spod rod i have is a pukka spod rod. I will stick to using the fixed spool sea reel i have until it dies. I will leave the 20LB sea mono on it. I wonder is it worth putting some 50LB mono as a shock leader or Use some of the korda arma kord as a shock leader? What do you think? Cheers
  15. Its on the retrieve i am having problems - casting is ok. I have hopefully attached a picture of where the braid is getting caught. It’s between the roller and the body. The braid is very fine – its 15LB Dyneema.
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