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  1. Hi Si, I took a few shots with my iPhone they seem a decent quality! Drop me an email addy and I'll send them over! If I would have known at the time I had a Canon DSLR camera in my bag over the weekend with a nice wide angle lens! Only got cause to use it once for my PB pike!
  2. He Dales, Mat had an eel last night not very big about 2lb
  3. Hmmm interesting he seems to have modelled all the pods around a Klingon Batleth! lol Looks weird but has lots of functionality but probably costs a small fortune!
  4. MadRuss


    LOL Phone i guess your right...oooo whats that over there? A Que....I better go join it.....
  5. I think we will need to have an adjudicating referee this year as this is my fish below and clearly looks much bigger...
  6. I caught this one at Tingirth Course Fishery in Bedfordshire, the owner said it was a koi cross. Bit of a shock when it came up through the water, i thought id struck gold...lol
  7. MadRuss

    My Fishies

    My favourite fish pictures
  8. Its just very interesting watching the fish in the water around the bait. Whats most interesting to me is how the others don't seem that spooked when one picks up the hook bait and starts to get reeled in. But also it shows just how little the spot where your bait is compare tho the expanse of the water, so getting your bait in the right spot is paramount!
  9. MadRuss


    Why does that stuff matter?...lol Why do we have to match it all? Especially when its all lined up on my rod pod, every rod has to be perfectly in line, even the swingers at the same height. I will even get up out my chair (heaven forbid) to adjust even if they are slightly out of line?
  10. MadRuss


    LOL Ken...we all have one, i put mine near a bush the last time out and nearly lost it in the twilight...
  11. MadRuss


    Nice Andrew, that looks like a big bed chair...Did you opt for what i call 'The Fat Ba*@"rd 2000'...lol i.e. an XL wide bed chair? My brother bought one of those last year...the bloody thing filled up my car boot all on its own...:-( Grrrr But i had a little lay on one and I have to say....I want one...lol But need a bigger car first...or a trailer...
  12. MadRuss


    Hi Andy, i do agree which is why i have brought some maize this year. The jolly giant is just back up...its canned and will last for ever in your bag. If i do fish sweet corn on the ledger or float fish at distance then i bring a bag of frozen sweet corn and use the jolly giant stuff as loose offerings (nice and juicy).
  13. MadRuss


    Well i am hoping that most of what you see there will last for quite a while not just Wingham. But i will fish 3 rods, tutti fruity boilie on one, white choc boilie on the other, and float fish the 3rd rod swapping between maize and worms. if i catch 2 on any of those baits and one on the others ill swap them. But always carry around a couple of cans or luncheon meat and sweet corn. They are my go too baits when everything else fails...lol And them there is just some pva friendly method mix, chilli hemp, maize and gunk to send out with the boilies. But if last year is anything to go by
  14. MadRuss

    Wingham 2012

    Photos from Wingham Fish'IN 2012
  15. Catches for MadRussUK and MadMat at the Wingham fish'in 2011
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