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  1. Thanks Dales. Maybe 1 day i'll come down & fish your area. Would be nice to see a different water.
  2. Well if you feel guilty for what you said, DON'T. Criticism & honesty always preferable to the fake support. Fancy the Fens, for a small gathering, in July? Doing Vermudens drain, ( junction north of Chatteris), possibly for a weekend?
  3. Thanks guys. If you don't ask you don't learn. So it's a no-go then. But thanks for the details.
  4. Just another of my crazy ideas, but I think this one has merit. An annual match by 12 man / woman teams from up to 10 fishing forums. Fishing a RIVER for the honour of their forum & a trophy, while raising money for charity. So how many ( freshwater) forums can you both think of? ( I'll be doing a search tomorrow) Entry £25 p/ p or £300 team ( Full entry = £3,000) On the day Registration starts @ 08.15 draw starts @ 08.30 - 09.45 On peg from 08.45 - 10.00 Fish from 10.30 - 4.30 Weigh-in from 4.35 - 05.15 ( 3 sets of scales,
  5. Well done for getting out there, I'm jealous.
  6. Turns out I am right it is just north east of Chatteris, the 40ft's old name was Vermuden's drain. So now have to sort out a day or two. Google earth 52 27 56.49 N 0 05 29.05 E. The channel widths measure north approach is 90ft wide, west is 82ft wide & east is 43ft wide, so it gives a large area of water & casting options, also far as I know still free fishing. March angling centre, high street, March is just 7.5 miles away. Looking better & better.
  7. Walking the dog along the R Wensum yesterday, made me think. I was looking at the flow & my guess was that a 6oz lead 'may' hold bottom, this lead me to :- How do fish hold station, for rest or feeding. I know aerodynamics comes into it, but it really shows the strength of fish, to stay in their respective territories even in such severe flow. So no wonder sometimes when we strike into a bite, we can have such a fight, nearly lose the fish, bend the rod double & eventually land something about 8oz - just 2lb. I don't know about you but that makes me more respectful of the fish's way of
  8. The wet spring last year 'flushed ' the Fens out. That's why I'm hoping to go soon.
  9. R.C. Hope to go this season, so not much time to find a day. I am going for 'a drive' around the area this coming week & will see the 'weed' situation before I fish. Hopefully it will be low at this time, as the rain pushes the water through & scrapes the weed along with it. I plan to do an 'overnight' or even 3 day session on the fens early next season, possibly opening weekend. I am also interested in 'Hardy road' Thorpe, Norwich. On Google earth, follow the road around the back of building. At end of dyke there is a pad right by the river, I would like to stay for a while, but as
  10. Think i have found it at 52* 27, 56.66 N 0* 05. 30.65 E. Just north east of Chatteris. So thanks John.
  11. Thanks John. I remember it as a 'T' junction, very square & open. There is a road running along the side, with a large lay-by at the bank's edge at a sharp corner. This lay-by is where I used to fish & would love to go back to. Well I say lay-by, it was more like an extra wide piece of rough ground, wide enough for about 3 / 4 artics to park. The water ran across from left to right, with the leg coming straight towards you, creating the junction. If anyone fathoms out where I mean, please post details. I have scoured maps, looking for a 'right angle' in the fens, can you guess how har
  12. Loved it. Just paste3d it to my FB page.
  13. I'm looking in the fens for Vermudens (correct spelling please) dam / dyke. I believe it is West of Chatteris, but not sure.
  14. Upon a further reality check, I have decided that it is a nice location, nice views over the water But is totally unfeasible as a productive farm. MANY MANY MANY thanks to all who have contributed to this topic.
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