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  1. Shimano 3500 bait runner, I manage to find a second hand one on e-bay and have sent it to Q.M. Services in Plymonth for a service. I did replace the Rod a Quick Fire Storm 1.5 Lb and the company that I got it from gave me a Discouint as it is going end of line this year & my story also helped. Thanks for keeping this thread going (admin).
  2. Help Please guys, I have been fishing the Rack at Winthorpe and one out of 7 SWAN's took a Rod & Reel, at 1 am they are of great sentimental value and as far as I can see unreplaceable the Rod was one of 3 a STORM Specialist Mullet/Barbel 1.5 test . the Reel was a present from a friend as his best man, Now Past (RIP MEL) an older Shimano 3500 bait runner I would be grateful that this be handed to a Baliff of Newark Pisc (Newark Fed) I would also like to thank Paul Fryer, for help trying to help get Rod & Reel back from the Swan also to Roger (aka Carp King so he tells me Thanks for an
  3. Having just read this thread , I thought I would make a rare comment, a few weeks ago I bought Maze from a seed wholesaler which was £7.50 plus vat for 20 kilo a cheep bait. I also buy from shops tins and frozen Sweet corn a great bait. I have caught Barbel ,Roach, Rudd ect and a lot of other silver fish on corn. BUT the strangest fish to be caught was a 1lb 8oz Zander on about 11 pieces of grain reeling in on a long hair rig, it must of looked like an eadiable fish Final point maybe I have been walking my dog over the local fields and a bag of Wheat/Corn seeds have been left lose
  4. !n the last 5 years 4 times, in the last 50 years about 12 one year on the Trent 3 time by the same balliff.
  5. I wold also like to thank all that have replied to this Thread, I don't get on A.N. very often, it is very much appreciated the replies that have been posted. Thanks Everyone this older codger
  6. Hi Chris, Yes there are pic's I thought I had put them up ??? My own Gallery is down. till I sort it out in the close season. I don't know how to upload new pic's to AN. OK I have to reduce size of pic. I will get there soon :)
  7. I've not been out much for a while due to ill health BUT............. Yesterday I had a Barbel of 11lb 12oz the best fish I have had in about 3 seasons. Caught on the river Trent in the Newark area on 2 Tigernut boiliers @ 1800 hours the only bite of the day which was a worth while day.
  8. Shimano BeastMaster Match Rod, I don't have this rod or even know much about , But I can tell you I have several ,Shimano BeastMaster Rods feeders and heavy feeder and a Spod rod there are all great .As yours should be, one thing I can tell you is that Normark was bought out by Shimano, and IMHO make the finest rods I have ever used . I hope this is of use to you Best Wishes & Tight Lines MDG
  9. I have been using the cheaper braids from China the last 3 seasons and to date have had no problems, I buy 1000 m for around £23/24 through E-Bay and had a lot of Barbel with it . I use a gray coloured Braid. I mainly use 18 - 28 BS and this is cheaper to buy as the Branded Braid.
  10. Thank you to every one for your help and support , from a very happy angler yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa MDG Fishing
  11. At Long Last I managed to buy this Part Yesterday on Ebay for around £16.50pence it has taken along time to say the leaste to get a spare & last week I bought a Cowel for this ABU 507 @£17.50, so I up and running for parts. heheheheh yea!!!!!!!
  12. Hi all, thanks for the help and suggestions, I manger to get the S 6 spool a week or two ago on Ebay for the total cost of £12, well please. Once Again Thanks to all that tried to help. Michael
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