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  1. quote: Originally posted by ajp: ..... Berkeley Vanish ...... is not a true 100% fluorocarbon And here's a direct quote from Berkley themselves: " Berkley ® Vanish ™ is 100% Fluorocarbon " DG [ 06. June 2004, 12:59 PM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
  2. quote: Originally posted by ajp: ............ Berkeley Vanish .. is not a true 100% fluorocarbon .... ajp, Really?! What actually is it then???? :confused: DG [ 05. June 2004, 07:42 PM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
  3. quote: Originally posted by Paul_D: Remind us what the Poledark method is for measuring please so we'll then be able to do some meaningful tests and come to some conclusions. I try to dig-out the photo, but it's simplicity itself, involving a cross-bar, a calibrated spring-balance or load-cell, a bucket, and water. How do you normally check your line & knots, then, Paul? DG [ 05. June 2004, 07:45 PM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
  4. Wet knot breaking strength: your satisfactory percentage? In readiness for the new season, I've been doing some wet knot breaking strength tests à la mode de Den The Poledark and although I know there have been previous threads on this topic, I never really got a handle on what percentage of the original, wet, unknotted Breaking Strength of your mainline or hooklength (be it mainline to hooklength, swivel, lure etc., or hooklength to hook, spade or eyed), you regard as acceptable for your wet knot Breaking Strength, which of course is the only meaningful measure of true ultimate strength
  5. quote: Originally posted by Cyranne 12: I shall hike off to the Southdowns hotel (out of shot unfortunately) shortly and see if I can spot a bovine or two.If not I shall just have to raise a glass of red plonk,with thanks to you for sparking an interest in the WESTERN Rother----not the Kent one. BTW--how did you acquire the photo? Yup, it'll be very interesting to know if there are cows in the field upstream of the bridge, on the south bank! Got a free CD from the Sunday Times, yonks ago, with aerial pix of quite a bit of England. Still no reply from the EA despite my pho
  6. quote: Originally posted by Julian: Hmmm - Not sure I’d go along with bashing ESP Ghost. To be honest I’ve found it to be better than most. Julian Julian, which others have you tried, then? quote: Originally posted by Julian: Hmmm - Not sure I’d go along with bashing ESP Ghost. I moved of it for a while whilst trying other braided hook links but after a dramatic reduction in takes I moved back and immediately started hitting the fish again. To get it straight you just have to pre-stretch the rig before use. Once you’ve tied the rig, hold solidly at each end usin
  7. quote: Originally posted by Newt: Other fluoro lines I've tried were fine. C'mon, Newt .. spit it out! Which ones ????? DG
  8. quote: Originally posted by Anthony: Berkley Vanish as reel line and a couple of hooklength materials, most notably ESP Ghost. Granted, I've only used them in the higher BS, but I find them very brittle and stiff (OK for certain rigs) and very thick for their Breaking Strength. I found coiling was a big annoyance with all those I've used. Hmmm .. interesting .. many thanks. Vanish was the one I used. Not cheap. Had to be very careful with knots. Had some unexplained snap-offs. I've never tried Drennan ESP Ghost Thanks for the warning DG [ 04. June 2004, 04:33 P
  9. quote: Originally posted by corydoras: Superglue (cyanoacrylate)was discovered by Kodak when they were doing some research into clear plastics for gun sights. Yup .. by Dr Harry Coover in fact, who had borrowed some info from a Japanese company. Good bit of science that: when he couldn't get the those two NaCl mini-plates apart when he was running an IR spectrum of cyanoacrylate, he realised that he'd have to do something recover the high cost of the NaCl mini-plates some how Similar to the discovery of Nylon 66: i.e. if you pour hexamethylene diamine down a sink which h
  10. quote: Originally posted by Anthony: Not for me DG. I'll stick with what I know for now, fluorocarbons will have to improve vastly to earn my pennies. Hmmmh! Anthony, the problem for me at least, is that how do I tell whether they've improved or not, without shelling-out many shekels to buy some and trying it? :confused: By the way, which one(s) have you tried-out, what problem(s) did you find with the first wave of fluoros? ... and what aspects would you need to see improved? .. you know .. before opening your wallet to buy them again DG [ 04. June 2004, 0
  11. quote: Originally posted by Dunk Fairley: Also, bear in mind that superglue .... will actually breakdown when wet. Except the water-proof formulations of it, of course _______________________ ... and I have to say that, even with the bog-standard cheapo versions e.g. from £land, _________ 12 tubes for a squid! Can't grumble at that. Maybe take a tad longer to cure than Loctite, but in fact the finished glue seems stronger (only a feeling in my water, though, no pukka tests to back that up } I've never noticed any breakdown or weakening of sup
  12. Fluorocarbon or fluoro-nylon co-polymer monos: would you give them another try? I've been mulling-over whether or not to try fluoro mono (again) for the coming season. I, and I think many other anglers, have had bad experiences with the first rash of fluoro monos and their claimed invisibility in water (not forgetting, of course, that fish can sense them by other means as well!). Browsing through some of the latest cataloques, especially my brand-new one from BassPro, there seem to be a new wave of fluoros that have been improved etc. If you've tried and had a bad experience wi
  13. quote: Originally posted by badexcuseforanangler: I see no cows Well, just how big do the milkers have to be then ??!! _______
  14. quote: Originally posted by Richard Capper: .... super glue ... Never leave home without some DG
  15. quote: Originally posted by Cyranne 12: I can't say that I can even pick up the A272 on your picture. _____
  16. quote: Originally posted by poledark: We could of course go right back to the beginning and use a short handline with a hook and the strongest bit of twine and dangle our baits in the edge and pull out the fish by hand...... Den That's all we 'ad when I were a lad. No rod, no reel, just a stick and a bit of twine ... an' we were lucky ... an' after fishing, all we 'ad fer supper were't damp rag soaked in sulphuric acid to suck .. an' we were lucky In fact, thinking about it, we di'n't have stick or twine either ... had to tickle every fish out DG [ 04. June
  17. quote: Originally posted by BUDGIE: 28 stone! jeez makes me and Andy look anorexic Thanks DG. That should give Andy confidence to go ahead and get one. Yup ... but the down-side is that I'm afraid I shall have to give Chester the names of all/anyone who takes the Mickey out of him ____________________________ DG [ 04. June 2004, 08:16 AM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
  18. quote: Originally posted by Cyranne 12: Hi DG, Had a look over the parapet of Shopham Bridge this afternoon. The river looks in beautiful condition----good flow----nice colour and lots of weed of all-sorts growing well. That's good news! quote: Originally posted by Cyranne 12: No-one spoken to seems to have spotted the bad colour that you took aboard at the week-end----could it have been the consequences of an active cow-drink? Now that's a possibility that hadn't occurred to me. Maybe you can spot the cows responsible ..... _________ quote: Origi
  19. quote: Originally posted by Rob Ward: I'm planning a 48 hour session on either Orchid or St.Johns Lake after a new PB Carp (Currently 21 lb 8 oz) so I'm wondering which water to go for - any pointers? Rob, if you're after the best chance of something over 25 lb, of the two (and I personally wouldn't necessarily pick either) I'd go for St Johns Lake at the Linear Fisheries BUT ... depending on exactly when you're going i.e. what day of the week, school hols etc etc, it can get v crowded. DG [ 03. June 2004, 01:22 PM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
  20. quote: Originally posted by BUDGIE: 28 stone! jeez makes me and Andy look anorexic Thanks DG.That should give Andy confidence to go ahead and get one. ______________ Yup, he's built like one of those grey-back gorillas, and his nickname is Chester (Not Chesters), because he's like the bull-dog in the original politically incorrect Tom & Jerry. Top carper though .. has had loads of 30s .. and who's gonna argue with him ______ DG [ 03. June 2004, 01:14 PM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
  21. quote: Originally posted by poledark: By the way Red is good when you get back to the car and find one of your legs has fallen off! Den Den, Are you safe to drive?! I'd wondered why you paint your legs red. Hold on tightly to that Zimmer when one of your legs falls off .... I don't think Douglas Bader painted his at all DG [ 03. June 2004, 09:53 AM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
  22. quote: Originally posted by Andrew Burgess: But who cares what colour is it anyway long as it does the job Well, it depends just how fussy your sheep are! ____________________________
  23. quote: Originally posted by BUDGIE: More practical,DG you mentioned you had a stout mate (In prefer stout to fat) who had taken part in testing of this gear.Out of interest how "stout" was he? Serious not trying to wind anyone up. 28 stone! & 6 ft 4
  24. quote: Originally posted by RUDD: I use an Octoplus main frame and would suggest to anyone who is going to fit one to their box to take the box to the tackle shop. Then I would suggest getting the biggest frame possible that fits and the longest legs. Some spare longer legs is a good idea. When I put my kit on my box I did not get a spacer kit and only got short legs. This has caused me problems on steep banks or when putting accesories on the legs as they are to close to the box. Ace advice
  25. quote: Originally posted by poledark: Crikey, Seatrout..Rother...Arun...that brings back some really GOOD memories. Happy happy days Den ... of the last Millennium DG P.S. Still no news from the EA ..so I'll phone them in a while [ 02. June 2004, 09:40 AM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
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