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  1. thank you sir ,was you on the cut last week ? lol
  2. trevor cherry aged 72 leeds and england r.i.p.
  3. had a walk along the fazeley canal near where i live last week. walked about 2 miles along the tow path and counted 15 anglers on the bank . most of em blokes id say were in there 60's. had a word with one of em and asked if he knew he shouldnt be fishing. was given a right mouthful and told in no uncertain terms to mind my own business!
  4. poxy virus! wishing a full and speedy recovery
  5. well i'm going fishing on monday and wanted some sweet corn . supermarket shelves empty of any tins! then my son comes home and i tell him my problem. hang on dad he says and goes into the kitchen and gets a tin of sweat corn, excellent says i. you can have it if i can have that half bottle of southern comfort you have. bugga it i'd rather have the sweet corn anyway, deal done! lol
  6. brilliant understood every word lol
  7. thought I was going to hear chesters indulge in a bit of swiss mountain song!
  8. well i like em, bring donald over here and make him king donald the 1st! be much more interesting than having charlie as our next king. nice to see this place posting a good interesting topic again . love it when cory starts , good man cory, still luv ya mate lol
  9. no mate the rest of my club just like fishing holes in the ground!
  10. he's still alive and kicking easy enough to find him on facebook, hi ya ant you old bugga!
  11. no one from the royal family will attend the world cup finals in russia, that should upset em :blink:
  12. bluezulu


    can't beat a bit of bully. r.i.p. mr bowen
  13. i still use em to book my clubs matches. sent out 9 so far this year to various fisheries
  14. i still pop in for a look around now and again.
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