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  1. bloody hell ! hope things turn out ok for you mate. your right it must be very scary . don't give up hope i'm sure you'll be ok you have to be ok i still havn't seen you catch a carp from your stretch of the coventry canal yet. good luck ant
  2. bring back auntie jean and tingha and tucker the 2 little bears!
  3. dai davies former everton, wrexham, swansea and wales goal keeper
  4. from chesters " As to heating ,i have a wife it comes on late september and goes off in june! " lol brilliant mate! lol
  5. nice one chesters , good old gary glitter lol. he used to do his xmas gang show as he called it at the n.e.c. every year up until about 20 years ago and it was always sold out and everyone ( including me ) always had a great time. was great entertainment what ever he turned out to be.
  6. the flying scotsman at bridgnorth station Flying Scotsman - Bridgnorth - Severn Valley Railway - 2016 - YouTube
  7. victoria bridge over the river severn near arley filmed by drone. Victoria Bridge - Severn Valley Railway - YouTube
  8. watching question time and had a shock. i thought andy warhole died years ago? turns out he's turned into a female labour mp kate green!!!#
  9. i'm now under house arrest as my son has tested positive. me and wife been up to testing station today and told they can't test us and to self isolate. have ordered self test kits from gov site and should be here by tomorrow! oh deep joy!
  10. this is the view you get of victoria bridge when fishing the severn on the birmingham anglers stretch at arley. great day out on the severn valley railway
  11. my wifes from canterbury so we are often down that way visiting family ( well we was before covid ) took the kids when they were small on that train ride a couple of times.
  12. STATEMENT FROM THE ANGLING TRUST ON THE NATIONAL LOCKDOWN RULES Whilst the regulations have not yet been published we have been informed this evening by the Cabinet Office that the Government have taken the decision that fishing will not be permitted during this national lockdown period. Whilst this is disappointing news I would ask anglers, fisheries and clubs to respect these rules and the reason they have been put in place; to help save lives and support the NHS. Individuals should not go fishing from midnight tonight (5th Jan) and
  13. happy christmas all, have fun.
  14. ray clemence gone at only 72. sad, sad news
  15. chesters the pool i caught them from is stuffed with brown gold fish and all the locals that fish it think they are catching crucians. they won't have it when i tell them otherwise.
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