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  1. quote: Originally posted by Andrew Burgess: I did think about the footrest and decided it need to be strong as I am a heavy build person. You'll have no probs with the Octoplus gear. I know one of the guys who tests it along the way, for Octoplus ... and he's a really, really, big fat bar-steward I really rate Octoplus ..not cheap but it is the NUTZ DG
  2. quote: Originally posted by Dave Lumb: my supplier won't tell me where he gets it from. and his being a main Mason agent for England an' all [ 29. May 2004, 04:29 PM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
  3. C'mon now ... I've read loads of threads about wannabee Coarse Fishery owners ... time for y'all to put your money where your mouth is! Luverly Norfolk Coarse Fishery with record roach and pike .. aint been fished since Colin Chapman (of Lotus) had it dregded in the 1970s ... _____BRUNDALL INNER BROAD IS UP FOR SALE ... SEE HERE _______ Allegedly guested by Charlie Bettell Eat your heart out, Charlie DG [ 29. May 2004, 04:26 PM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
  4. quote: Originally posted by Anthony: I think the Daiwa Tournament line is fantastic stuff, I use it for my shore fishing in 15lb. Now if only Daiwa made the stuff in some colour other than solid yellow. ... and for all Beano readers like me, here's a pic of it ____________ DG
  5. quote: Originally posted by Andy Macfarlane: Here's the new stuff. Woohoo!!.... If this is anywhere near as reliable as the regular gear, I can see Sensor dominating the mono market... It'll be interesting to see if it qualifies for the BS-Free Quality Mark __________________________ DG
  6. quote: Originally posted by Dave Lumb: Another good multistrand wire to look at, Budgie, is Mason - might even be AFW under another name!! >>>>>>>>>>>>> ....... or even ... _____________________ [ 29. May 2004, 09:28 AM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
  7. quote: Originally posted by BUDGIE: Given my preference for spinning up traces DG which of their products would you reccomend I try? Hmmmmh .... I use their 49-strand, but have a look at their whole range via the link above, and if you've never tried the nickel-coated titanium single-strand wire, it might be worth a try ________ I've stopped using the lower BSs now; it has some elasticity which, under load, comes to a sudden stop, and in the lower BSs, I've found, can snap after two or three arguments with snags etc. DG [ 29. May 2004, 09:17 AM: Message edited by: T
  8. quote: Originally posted by Anthony: OK. I'm using Fox Barbuster 10 lb at the moment and am impressed with the diameter to breaking strain ratio. The thing I like the most is the suppleness and the way it spools up, it also feels the smoothest line I have used. My previous favourite was good old Daiwa Sensor which seems to last longer in normal use, but the slightly better caracteristics of Barbuster just swing it for me. __________ Thanks for that info. Interesting. BTW, its BS-to-diameter ratio is its tenacity I'm also a fan of Daiwa Sensor ... apart
  9. quote: Originally posted by BUDGIE: Marlin Steel in 20lb,QED in 28lb,Wonderwire-Im not sure as it was some samples Nick Buss gave me some time ago (Steve might be able to tell you!). I have looked at several of the other sea fishing wire lines as a replacement including Tide Cheater.None have been quite the same as Marlin Steel but I suppose I will have to make a decision soon as only a few hundred feet left.I hate it when a product I have used for a long time and therefore gained a lot of confidence in becomes no longer available.Once I find an item Im happy with I tend to stick with i
  10. Is this what you mean? ________________________ AnglerProLeader The central core is made from 100% Dyneema which is protected from toothy predators by an outer stainless steel braided mesh which makes for a super supple trace. [ 28. May 2004, 11:59 AM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
  11. Why not phone them and give them some grief?! 01472 828666 DG
  12. quote: Originally posted by ratty46: last year I was fishing for chub using bolt-rigs and short hooklengths (upstream too) .... I got more fish on normal brown 6 lb {? nylon? - DG} mono than I did with fluorocarbon even tho' the water was quite clear. I never did work that one out! ... and using black hooks instead of the grey silver variety. Interesting! Plus you paid through the nose for that invisible fluorocarbon mono DG
  13. </font> <font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><hr /><font size="2" face="Verdana, Arial">Originally posted by BUDGIE: I'm still using my ever decreasing supply of Marlin Steel. (I) Dispose of a trace as soon as it shows any sign of wear. Certainly wouldn't use it with a kink in no matter where it was. (I) Find solid traces better for jerk baits and (I) use QED for the rest of my lure fishing. (I've) Been using some old Wonderwire (running out of this too!) for tipping off fly leaders as it is very supple and turns over. <
  14. Guys 'n' Gals Any chance we can get back to the original Topic of this thread, the world's top monos , please ? e.g. some top qualities might be:- # Value-for-money # Tenacity # Suppleness & castability # True abrasion resistance # Stretch, or lack of Cheers DG [ 28. May 2004, 09:17 AM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
  15. Budgie, did you not check-out Newt's post above about Fish Seekers? This is what it says about them: Fish Seeker Dives 5' to 80' with zero hassle. Planes out when it reaches its set depth for very little pull on the rod, eliminating the need for downriggers and lead core line. Rises to the surface when a fish strikes. quote: Originally posted by BUDGIE: sorry can't post a picture of the Kussumo diving vane (can anyone put one up?) but it works on a similar principle to a Dipsy i.e. works at an angle to dive then releases to a flat in line profile on the strike to r
  16. quote: Originally posted by Newt: Kussumo diving vane Are you sure of the spelling? C'mon, Newt, Budgie knows that his spelling is carp .. no need to rub salt into the wound ... Oh that his spelling was as good as his fishing! We're, of course, talking about Kuusamo here _____________________ DG [ 28. May 2004, 08:57 AM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
  17. quote: Originally posted by macdaddymac: .. I prefer to make my own traces .... Which brand(s) do you use? DG
  18. It's also a beggar to spell when you're drunk DG [ 27. May 2004, 05:23 PM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
  19. Well, I'd have to divide things into trace for lure-fishing and traces for live/dead-baiting. I think my traces for lure-fishing take quite a beating compared with bait fishing, so I keep a very close eye on them and I always take half-a-dozen freshly made-up and tested traces with me, every trip. As soon as there's any sign of moderate-bad kinking or twisting, or the slightest sign of fraying or damage, I just tie-on a new trace. I mainly use wires from American Fishing Wires __________ ______ DG
  20. quote: Originally posted by awaaar: Out of interest, as with the same question on hooklengths - how many times do people use a trace before changing?..or does it depend on the amount of stick it takes? Tight lines A very good point, awaaar ... wouldn't it be a good idea to post this as a New Topic?! Length isn't everything! Maybe also ask which brands of wire people use? I'll answer there DG [ 27. May 2004, 04:50 PM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
  21. Is this the brand of hook-length line that we all seek?! ___________________-___ ... at the right price too, of course DG [ 27. May 2004, 03:33 PM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
  22. Personally, I've moved away from Kryston, for cost reasons mainly, to these lines which perform just as well if not better, and are much cheaper (eh, awaaar?!) _____________ and ______________ DG
  23. quote: Originally posted by Paul_D: quote: I guess you get it from your mates at the TackleShop ??? You've got me there DG You're spot on with the game anglers slant though. That's exactly how I got onto it, whilst searching for a good reliable tippet material for small dry fly work. Sorry, Paul ... I'm losing it! Must be thinking of Rob Ward DOH! DG
  24. quote: Originally posted by awaaar: Stroft is very good line, I've used the 5lb mono for a long time now - German I think. Yup, looking closely at th epic of the spool it says WAKU GmbH, Berlin DG
  25. What an interesting response and selection of hook-length products so far, already ! # VMC Very Strong hooks-to-nylon # Sufix SKIN braided hooklength # Stroft Thanks, guys! Any more suggestions ...??? DG [ 27. May 2004, 02:41 PM: Message edited by: The Diamond Geezer ]
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