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    my family, my fishing, my food, and my beer
  1. dunno about that smell thing mate.... I ain't never been down on cheryl tweedy, but fags at the moment smell that good, I'm thinkin it would be pretty close cheers!
  2. while it's still warm(ish) mate - try some big cubes of flavoured luncheon meat in the margins. if they are going high tech and castin into the distance, that will really p**s them off if you catch..... and I'll bet you will. Couple of tins of sweetcorn round your hook bait, bosh, bit of patience - simple
  3. Newt! - you okay? Tell me about it, i went down the bar before and, although I ain't even mentioned it to anyone, I'm sure they knew, blowing smoke at me and that. And golly, it smelt good! I ain't goin through this again though, no way. Game over for those things, no matter how hard this gets
  4. hey chesters1 Long time I ain't tried none of that...smoked 20 a day for 16 years. no patches no accupuncture, no damn books. just thought **ck it. I feel like windmillin' - fact my legs hurt, I've no appetite, got a funny taste in my mouth - weird 50 hours now
  5. hows it fishing?... it doesn't look like there is a lot of water in it at the Preston end..... Church deeps? Elston? tight lines!
  6. stopped smoking?.... I feel like a junkie it's only been 49 hours... is it going to get worse?
  7. "I won't be fishing between 15th March - 15th June" Ditto....
  8. EA's done some cracking work on the Rivers up my way, and I get mine direct debit....£23 is a steal..... What difference is two weeks in April going to make?...
  9. "No we normally afford our public figures a tad more respect!! Typical of some people focus on childish negative aspects, the guy is a fantastic talent on the football field, isn't that enough?? p.s I am NOT a Man U fan either!!!" Still a tit with no sense of humour I see......
  10. Alright Chris? 5yrs of rabble....blimey! Not forgot about that session we discussed on the Kennet....no time for internet, or fishing at the mo for that matter.. Both will keep though.... Tight lines atb Andy
  11. Elton....hope your well? And Hope you don't get a bad hip... atb Andy "2 smokers 3 drinkers" Be a tad unfair....considering the amount of cash they stick into the ecomony and all that
  12. "And she needs to realise that smackhead junkie is not right for her" Alright Chaps - been in Greece again for a while. Poor Kate Moss, got in with the wrong crowd with that Pete Doherty... yeah right!
  13. "Do you think that Gilchrist wants something from Warne" could be onto something there mate....
  14. Kendo, just chuck the spool in a bucket before loading it onto the reel, works for me mate tight lines - andy
  15. Adam Gilchrist! :mad: "aawwww nice area shayne mayte, great baawling mayte" Dunno how long I could put up with that for with a nice big piece of willow in my hand....
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