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  1. Followed up your rod recommendation; seems most agree with you. Got one from Amazon £21.99 including. Ebay being more expensive on this occasion. Cheers for that. From what I have read it is important to get a reel that balances the rod level when pivoted at the front of the handle. Is it possible to guess this from the line wt of the reel if you can't get a hands-on? Ps: If anyone has all the remaining bits I need as a package they have outgrown that would be suitable my wallet is slighty open
  2. I fish a small river 15 to 20' across with a lot of trees. I have been float fishing for roach with a lot of trout by-catch on bread all winter and am loath to give it up during the close season. I reckon I can cover the river 99% with spinner and fly. I've bought some chest waders as all the fly fishing will have to be in the stream. What would be typical fly tackle for this situation? A typical brownie is six ozs; a specimen will be about a pound. Thanks Ps: I'm beyond 5 posts but still be moderated
  3. I have one of these pellet waggler rods despite not having used pellets or owned a waggler float. They do make fine trotting rods though. Sometimes I take off the float and just tip ledger with it. Great all-rounder if you don't want an armful of rods.
  4. Dear Life! Don't you have electricity bills in the states?
  5. When I last fished forty years ago the wisdom was never to shine a light on the water except if the quarry was bream [?] Has the thinking changed?
  6. I live in a village with a small number of commercial boats and a wet fish shop and still can't guarantee freshness! Its about turnover. It is so expensive; the customer base is tiny so it hangs about more than is ideal.
  7. I'm thinking of buying an old 'Pin' of some sort. Apparently the line can take a on a 'set' if the arbor is made of metal pins. My rods have tiny rings so can see a problem trying to trot smoothly. a Lot of backing covered with tape would do the job I guess but I wonder if sheet cork is the ideal solution?
  8. I however showed considerable restraint and departed with a box of the lights and a tub of full fat yogurt. I have some cheap chest waders which live permanently in the car otherwise those at 16 quids would have been snapped up! The bag looked great value too
  9. Thanks for that most detailed reply Chavender
  10. I wonder if someone would be kind enough to check a few things. Total weight and spool weight. Both narrow and wide spool ideally. Length/width of foot on an unmodified example. Not the brass foot, rather the one which is part of the casing of the backplate. Cheers.
  11. Not sure, but you can't possibly ride an old Engish motorbike without one. Mine is hanging in the loft; couldn't possibly part with it despite no bike for a few years now.
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