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    Fishing and cycling when not working nightshift. Waiting to be a father for 1st time so hopefully back fishing soon.

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  1. Andy. Good to hear of another 30 out of the canal. Great moral boost for Scottish coarse fishing. I don't know why its not restocked with Carp throughout the length of the canal. The wides is cracking spot and when you see big fish rolling it keeps the confidence up. Can't wait to get back for another crack at them. Had carp taking dog biscuits during last warm spell when the breeze was right. Made the mistake of putting too many out and attracting the swans though .
  2. Seen it work well for small loch trout. Looks easy maybe that is why it is banned.
  3. Cheers Andy. It looks like a real hike. Better get my thinking head on. I will have a look at the chod rigs you mentioned. Any other rigs that would reach the far bank would be appreciated. Not often you can have big fish that size on your door step so worth a try.
  4. For carp fishing in Scotland try Lanark Loch, Magicroft, specimen carp fishing on The forth and clyde canal at Kelvinhead or smaller fish at Maryhill and orchill fishery. A good mixture of easy and challenging scottish carp fisheries.
  5. Lots of tench in the Forth and Clyde canal. Best tench I have had was 6lb while carp fishing at the wides at Kelvinhead. Bream are in this stretch too. Feed heavy to get through the roach and perch. Don't go below 4lb line due to the lilies and weeds. The cheaper tough sweetcorn is good. Two or three bits on a size ten hook.
  6. I am keen to get my first double figure carp from fishing the Forth and Cylde canal. I have fished a couple of all nighters on the Forth and Clyde at Kelvinhead with only an 8lb common carp to show for me efforts. However the guys fishing the far bank of the wides to the left of the boating platform seem to be catching some huge carp over 20lb. A regular I spoke to said the far bank is where the Scottish record carp of 34lb 12oz was taken from the Forth and Clyde canal. Does anyone know how to get access to the far bank of the wides at Kelvinhead?
  7. Remember livebaiting is banned in Scotland. Large lures are the best bet.
  8. What are the best areas to fish for them?
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