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  1. When ever i go fishing for bream on the river in summer i usually try to get there for 4:30 morning so i am all ready and set up fishing by 5:00. In my experience i am always catching up until 9:00 then it gets a bit quiet with some occasional bites and fish, usually just perch sometimes i get another bream and then it goes brain dead by 10:00. I am not really sure what happens and how can i carry on catching fish ? iv heard that fish backs away from the feed or maybe i should be feeding another spot but i always get paranoid that what if bream comes back to my feed again and im not there On
  2. apparently this is good time of year for bream fishing....but i have been to the river like 3-4 times already in past 3 weeks and haven't caught a single bream fished few different spots, using same tactics that worked for me in summer. Have tried finer hook length line and smaller hooks then i usually use but still nothing. Not sure if they just not feeding or they just relocated to different spots preparing for winter i have no idea. Any tips ?
  3. oh yes theres plenty of perch! i always get them when fishing for bream on worms
  4. Sorry mate i forgot to mention im fishing river Ouse in York, its also full of bream! average size 3-4lb and plenty of 5lb+ ones. I think its probably quite similar to Thames. Thats how much i pay for mine! sounds about same, its just when you said full bucket i thought you meant like 10kgs of ground bait xD So that dont sound too expensive and will be worth trying. Thanks for your tips my friend! i will certainly give this ago.
  5. i think fins been damaged in keepnet , if fish not released with care. Not sure tho
  6. a full bucket ??? how many bags / kg's of bait you use in one season ? i am a newbie in feeder / bream fishing and all i ever use is about 1-1.5 kg in total of what ever ground bait mixes i got, half o paint of casters, less then half a can of sweetcorn and about quarter kilo of worms. My best season this year was so far with 14 bream, the rest is 1-6 bream (sometimes blank). I am always paranoid that i will end up wasting lots of ground bait and not end up catching anything, im also still not sure about balling in bait i would love to try it but im paranoid that i will miss my spot when bal
  7. ended up buying it from my local shop for £45, i didnt even realize that platform barrows transform into sitting platforms! that is insanely good! i only have cheap seat box with no foot plate so that will help a lot in very muddy pegs legs also help to hold any gear in place so only need 2 straps to hold it all cant wait to test it
  8. cool that looks like a good option then
  9. i see, will it not fall and straps will stretch when going up hill or down hill ? ( possibly one of them shooting in ur face =/) or is it designed to be flat whenever you carrying it ?
  10. thx for the tip mate, i have seen a lot on internet but most of the have bad reviews and the other ones have a mixed ones. Not sure what to get, dont really have more then 50 quid to spend on one atm. Ill have a look at my tackle shop, there was a flat platform one that looked pretty solid for 50 quid but there was nothing else on it to hold your gear on...im not sure maybe i missed something i will have to have a proper look next time im in there.
  11. Hi, i hope this is right wrong forum, i couldn't rly find anything about fishing gear discussion just sales. I am looking to get cheap barrow around £50 range if its possible. Size dont matter to me i only carry seat box, bucket and a keep-net bag with me. I will be taking it to rivers with very rough roads, holes, grass etc... i want something that will not break in the process. Can someone recommend me good barrow trolley for this please? thanks
  12. yeah i did mate i even got magnifying glass last time to check for that! maybe there just lots of pike, sharp mussels like you and other people say. But iv seen some fisher man down there fishing for bream on lob worm and no one ever complained but then again i never asked them specificity if they having pike / mussless problem . It is stretch that belongs to Angling Club and has matches on it like every week I have fished about 8 miles away from that swim on same river, never lost a fish but i never hooked anything big there just 3-4lb bream and usual perch. However i did lose a few
  13. no just a plastic one but its fairly big, i have a pair of them scissors like disgorgers dont know why i never used them...its so much easier just ordered some different line its "guru n-guage" 5lb 0.15 going to use uni knot see what happens
  14. the knot stays on the hook but line breaks just where line comes out from the knot , i have no idea what weakens it iam moisten the crap out of it lol like i said i have tested Palomar knot at home with pliers and its strong as hell but something happens when im fishing and line just weakens and breaks near the hook
  15. @ philocalist thanks mate i will deffo try that knot! and take even more time and care then i already have! i was thinking about mussels but iv been checking bottom with led and it just felt like mud nothing else on the bottom, theres gravel bed closer to me but i dont fish on it. However im not using braid so i may wont be able to feel perfectly whats at the bottom @ Steve Walker thats crazy i always though the only reason you catch pike is when its going for a smaller fish that you have hooked, some of it deffo could be pike then as im fishing on two big lob worms. Its deffi
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