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  1. Thanks for advice Peter. Next week I'll do that. I had one take this time and fight with a pike for about 30 sec and came of the hooks. Is morton on swale good for pike ? I've fished on day ticket stretch this time. Can you give me advice for next visit? Cheers
  2. Hi Peter I wanted to catch chub/barbel and pike so wanted to use two rods. C&R
  3. Ok thank you. So maybe someone know how many can I use on Morton bridge stretch on day ticket ? Cheers C&R !
  4. Hi guys how many rods can I use on river on day ticket? Going tomoro to Morton bridge and don't know how many can I use ? Cheers C&R
  5. With my Greys prodigy tx barbel (+ 3 feeder tips) 1.75 I have daiwa emcast br 4000 a and is working great
  6. Congratulations mate well done, some part of canal are full of pikes
  7. Heh ok guys I do understand but I'm new to it so I got a bit exited hehe going on Saturday to Morton and will try to find out more my self I know I was a bit boring with the questions before but wanted to make sure ill go in good direction ! Thank for your help from past and counting for some more in further as I know you are more experience ! Keep you know how did I do guys! C&R !
  8. Ta ! Very helpfull can't wait to start that adventure
  9. Do anyone know if there is any chance to get day ticket fishing on that stretch? If there is any where can I get them from ? Thank you
  10. Cheers guys . Mostly I'll fish on weekends coz of working thru midweek and I'll do defo comparing them to and will make choice. Maybe you know which having better rivers waters ? I mean length and more interesting pegs?
  11. Cheers gozzer just don't know which to chose :/ which wud u recommend ?
  12. Green pro braid strong and good quality
  13. I was near to sign for Bradford nr1 AA but read some mixed opinion about the waters they providing on rivers swale nidd and wharfe and many of those people said that Leeds ASA having more and better waters especially on rivers (?) is that true ? What's your opinion guys ?? C&R !
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