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  1. you havent been on kazza have you as its full of evil virus programmes
  2. i support sheffield wednesday what teams do other people support ?????????
  3. they were called golden trout
  4. i bought mine from pets at home cost me £3 esch.
  5. my team is the owls but they are not doing very well at the moment they are in the bottom of the first division . who do you support ??????
  6. just as long as man utd dont win it i am not bothered who wins the cup as they win everthing. I hope a team from the lower divisions can win it as they are not full of pre-maddonnas who think that they are better then anyone else .
  7. i vote for sonia as i have liked her since she started in the 80s she still is the best singer on that bus thank god they didnt bring back bucks fizz ?
  8. i have found an exellent site on the sturgeon its www.sturgeon-web.co.uk check it out if you want to keep stergeon i like the albino ones.
  9. has anyone been fly fishing at barlow lakes in derbyshire recently ????
  10. craig mason

    Swan Mussels.

    In my experince swan mussels are difficult to keep as they need a muddy bottom to bury themselves in
  11. you want to to your local aquatic centre go and price up how much it will cost to replace your fish and then sue the workmen involved the cost of replacing them and install an electric fence around your pond asap to stop the heron getting any more fish [ 08. March 2003, 07:02 AM: Message edited by: craig mason ]
  12. just because british ruddy ducks are going to spain on holiday and humping the spanish ducks that is no reason to kill them :mad: after all that is what we brits do every year go and hump a few spaniards if the govenment want to wipe out some birds then why not wipe out the cormarants that are attacking our rivers and lakes .
  13. i would plump for the grass carp and the catfish myself
  14. it will soon be time to add some choice fish in my pond this year. I am thinking of adding a couple of sterlets to my pond has anyone had success with these fish ?
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