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  1. hi, following on from another thread, relating to frozen/ready mades. can any one give me some info/help with making my own boilies. i,m gonna give it a go, but havent a clue as to where to start. wot do i need? ingredients/equipment etc etc etc etc etc
  2. long shot this, basically i have cocked up my boilie order for france trip this SATURDAY. DOES ANY ONE KNOW WHERE I CAN GET HOLD OF 10 OR MORE KG OF 18 / 20 MILL BOILIES to collect this FRIDAY. at a very reasonable/cheap price. ive scoured the odd online shop, but prices are steep and couldnt gaurantee delivery 4 friday.. regards terry..
  3. yip just looked, nothing doing there either. cheers m8
  4. any one got 1 of theses reels for sale. ive checked ebay with no luck.. need 1 more to make set of three.. before end of month.
  5. hi all.. i,m moving to west sussex this week. and while i know the water i will favour. (SLAUGHAN LAKE). was wondering if you guys could recommend any decent venues.??. ideally with a chance of some decentish carp. i also enjoy a days fishing for smaller stuff. ie. crucians tench bream. any ideas would be much appreciated.. thanks in advance folks.. regards terry
  6. has any one got any knowledge of this venue. i,m moving to west sussex soon. and this is one of the places on my list of GOT TO FISH THIS PLACE. cheers, terry
  7. in my experience spodding makes no difference at all to fish feeding. in fact ive actually had takes straight away after a heavy spell of spodding.
  8. if its CHEAP you want, i would try the new shakespear cypry. £100.00 or the cypry camo £129.00 ive just bought JRC STI DOUBLE SKIN 2 MAN. £199.00. hasnt arrived yet, but it looks the DOGS WOTSITS.
  9. i have the X POD PLUS. my personal opinion is . they are sheeite. never used it this year at all. if they were worth anything second hand, i would put it on ebay. but there not.
  10. i,m fishing a new lake this weekend. and ive been told the carp are not over fond of boilies. what other alternatives could you recommend i try. i had thought of meat, and worm n s,corn. thanks in advance terry
  11. cheers alan, just had a look at both sites though, and cannot find mesh on either, gis a clue m8.. thanx.terry
  12. HI ALL. i,m going to les quis in july, and ive been advised to purchase something ive never heard of. BOILIE MESH. apparantly its used to cover your boilie to prevent crayfish from getting to your boilie . only problem is, i cannot source the stuff any where. any one point me in the right direction, i would be very gratefull.. many thanks in advance.terry
  13. hi, does any one know if you can get a digital reciever for my 3 fox mx blue,s? and if so an approx price. many thanks terry
  14. ohterry


    hi, i fish a small lake which has plenty good tench,carp bream roach etc etc, mainly on night sessions. over the last two years ive really struggled to catch tench. i know there in there. the lake is a bit of a hard place to fish generally. just wondered if any one has any decent tips to help me get those tench???
  15. ohterry


    ive just got mine in post today (thursday) only ordered them yesterday. i tell you what, they are a excellent buy, plenty sizes.quality. get on them b4 some one realises there worth double the tenner.
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