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  1. fisherman

    Welsh Tuna

    I thought they had to go back as they are protected. Could be wrong on this. Dave
  2. I am by no means expert or in a place to answer your question but why not post on this forum, very helpful and a lot of knowledge from the people there. http://www.flyfishing.co.uk/forums.php Dave
  3. I have seen Pipe Lagging used, just wind the leader around the lagging and secure with a cut off paper clip or similar. Dave
  4. Lymington Marina whilst I was waiting for the ferry home to the Isle of Wight Dave
  5. Tony, it is in Herefordshire. Have a look here. http://www.fisheries.co.uk/kingfisher/index.htm Dave
  6. I am sure you only go there for the Bacon Sarnies. Tight Lines mate. Dave
  7. A Cornish Sunset from last year I think. Dave
  8. fisherman

    The roof

    Had to use a knife on these because of the thickness and hardness of them. Also had to drill nail holes in them, too hard for the pck to go through. Dave
  9. fisherman

    The roof

    Hi Andrew. No they are not those foreign slates. They are Cumbrian natural slate, hard as stone and when tapped they ring like stone as well. Bugger to cut as they are so hard. Being Heritage they wanted traditional tools and methods. Easy to say but not so easy to do. Dave
  10. fisherman

    The roof

    I did a bell tower on a local church a while ago for English Heritage. Before A couple after. Damn cold up there as it was just after Christmas a couple of years ago. Dave
  11. All I can see is a load of fishing flies walking around. Dave
  12. Sorry guys the pic is way too big. How do I edit it Dave Got it. click the link now to see.
  13. Not the best pic in the world I know but I just had to take this. http://img840.imageshack.us/img840/5312/gardenbirdscopy.jpg The Pheasants have been around for a while but would love to know where the Peacock came from. Dave
  14. Start > All Programs > Default Programs > Set Default programs > Select Internet Explorer (or Firefox etc, depending which browser you use) (highlight it) > Set This Program as Default > OK That fixed the little minx Newt. Thanks for replying. No ides why it went wrong in the first place Dave
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