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  1. Budgie. Not if you are leaving it on for a pike to snaffle. Use a wire trace. Graham
  2. For barbel a 7.9 bottom and 10.1 mainline normally. For chub 6.6 straight through. Graham
  3. I use Silstar Team England (or Match can't remember) Blue Spool and face with team on front? - Down shed too cold! - Found it piccy They do it in 6.6 / 7.9 and 10.1 b.s. Its the best line I have ever used and has the low diameter but suppleness to lay and come of the spool wonderfully. It needs line float on it for long term use. The 6.6 is for chubbing and the 7.9 to 10.1 for barbs. I find braid can become a bit waterlogged with constant trotting, also I do a lot of holding back and line mending so I am in good contact all the time with the end tackle, usually shirt button u
  4. Jeeps. Yes I use braid straight through for legering. I use mono when trotting, but then again all my trotting is the stick /avon etc float not waggler etc. The majority of pins have an adjustable drag setting by altering the clutch (if they have one) or the round screw like twisty thingies on the inner drum spindle. Graham
  5. With a softish rod and trotting with a decent length of line out you should be Ok with a Mono link to braid. BUT......believe me, the mono link will try to absorb all the stretch on a short line and ..Crack... it will go just like that on a lunge or sudden hard pull, especially under the rodtop. If you must use mono hooklength, I reckon you need about twice the bs of the braid to be safeish. If you are using a pin for the first time and barbel/carp fishing on a short line be sure to slacken the drag a little as a Teme type bite can crack you off before the pin has caught up. You do
  6. I'll be there on the day the Barbel Society have a forum discussion. Hope to meet a few of you AnglersNet members. Introduce yourself. I'll be the old one with the very grey hair! Graham
  7. Cheshire Regional Meeting #460468 - 24/10/05 08:48 PM Graham Elliott will be the next speaker at the Cheshire meeting on Friday the 25th November.This will be held at a NEW VENUE which is JUNCTION 17 SOCIAL CLUB (FORMERLY KNOWN AS SANDBACH UNITED SERVICES CLUB) BRADWALL ROAD, SANDBACH.There will be the usual tackle stands and raffle prizes up for grabs. Doors will be open at 7pm for 8pm start. A bar is available.Entrance fee is £3 for society members and £5 for non-members. Juniors are welcome and will be admitted free. I will be giving a talk on Barbel catching and how to
  8. Very good point Steve regarding the Nutrients being added to the water. I wonder if the same factors that have enabled humans to live longer and become larger and taller over the past 50 years have a bearing on fish sizes?? Theres a thought? Anyway. Another 2 barbel Virgins less today with fish of 11.2 /10.00 /9,4 and 8.1 coming from a Thames tributary. This is my site for a few nice barbel pics if anyone fancies a look. www.anglingexperience.co.uk Graham
  9. Natures Cycles, Budgie. Comorants are just another form of predation in the cycle. They won't be around if not many small fish to eat. Yes Lee, but since it has had more anglers fishing it over the past few years the bigger fish are coming out. 17lber last season for example and 15's / 16's already this year. That old prime roach water of yours has now become a barbel water. ( Of course you knew that!) Betcha the roach will be back in force a few years down the line. Cycles. Neglect certainly has a big bearing Steve, but hope you agree, so has fish handling and the awareness by
  10. Sloger I don't think we are far apart in our views on the factors. I was taking your example 1/ in isolation. and quoting the example of where it doesn't hold true..in isolation. What is true is the handling factor and not mentioned before but included regards advancement in angling practices. Take barbel as an example. 40 years ago Col Crow, RW et al reported seeing barbel around 20lb at (I think) Ibsley on the H.Avon. The fact is the Barbel records x3 held at 14.6? for many many years were pretty much caught by salmon anglers with proper tackle. Even when I Pike fished (Nearly
  11. Slodger. My thoughts use to be very much as your own however... 1/ The fish grow pretty big in those puddles where they are side by side although 2/ will have an effect I think this factor is very minor. 2/ Yes, no doubt on small, low density waters the bait factor has an effect.....but on the Thames? With all those fish where one Bream shoal can polish off a hundredweight of feed in an hour or so. Also in general over the past 10 years on avarage each angler on the Thames has had about a mile of the river each. 3/ Yes, must have had an impact, but in reality global warming is n
  12. Hello Budgie. Heard you left those pussys (is that allowed?) alone and back to P's. IMHO (yeah!) The only major change to the Thames over the past 20 years is the sudden return of the large numbers of silver fish over the past 2 seasons. Anyone from the Soho Loop area or Kingston will tell you that 20 years ago 50lb bags of roach and dace were common...if you could get past the bleak! There always have been and always will be large shoals of very large bream present. Perch disappeared as elsewhere due to that disease and were the first to reappear in good size 5-6 years ago. Pike f
  13. Best to say. Kennet, Loddon, Thames etc. and leave it at that if possible. Lee, I actually took out two policemen from Essex barbel fishing last Wednesday. Great guys and we had a real hoot about PC, especially the decision of the Thames Valley and Met police not to allow any white intakes for another 5 years until "targets" are met. Seems fair to me. They caught barbel as well up to 13.1. Now they really were the barbel police. ps. Boat bought and I'm heading towards the Hook! It's nearly Xmas and those Peduncles will be in big demand now Eastern Europe starts at Dover. ---
  14. Sorry, forgot to include the 9.12 and 11.1 barbel we had as well. Agree with you Wordbender. Unfortunatly on the way there yesterday I passed a fly tipped load of cut trees and debris in a railway siding. Another indication of the "travellers" consideration towards normal people. Still I am sure the public paid for DVD listing their "rights" will help out a lot. Incidently. I consider a Romani to be those quaint little horsedrawn carriages with lots of china in the window and people with respect for the land. The others I consider little more than SXXXE Graham
  15. The Thames is certainly a wonderful river. Fishing a tributary yesterday with 2 customers we managed barbel of 13.1 / 10.14 /10.12 and an 8lber. This bit of water was pristine, clean and had wonderful fauna. Last week some "travellers" moved into a field opposite. The river path is now littered with plastic bags full of excrement and smeared paper adorns the path for a 100 yard area. I don't know what you call these sort of people. Graham
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