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  1. You've probably heard this one: In days of old when knights were bold, And toilets weren't invented, You laid your load upon the road, And walked away contented.
  2. Two gays at a fairground see the big wheel, one wants a go but his boyfriend is too scared so he just stays on the ground and watches. Shortly after the ride has got under way there is a huge creak, then the whole big wheel collapses and falls to the ground. Scrambling through the twisted wreckage the panic stricken gay eventually finds his boyfriend in the carnage. "Are you hurt?" he shouts. "Hurt? Hurt! Of course I'm f*****g HURT!! - I went round twice and you only waved once!"
  3. Here I sit, all broken-hearted, Came to sh-t, but only f--ted, Wasted a dime, oh, what the hell! At least I can sit, and enjoy the smell.
  4. Thanks Newt. I have a complete list of HTML character entries but didn't know how to enter them here; now I do. You da man. Ken
  5. A friend vacationed in Mexico this past winter and chartered a boat somewhere near Cancun with his companion. They caught a lot of fish, including some Mahi-mahi and the Sailfish pictured below which he had mounted. This fish weighed 100 lbs, was 95" in length, and jumped all over the place according to him. He said the charter was inexpensive, costing under $300 for a half-day, which included unlimited food and drink for the two of them. That should work out to about 200 pounds or so (sorry, I don't have a pound symbol on my keyboard). This is where I want to go next winter!
  6. Great info, DG; I'm going to have to try their product. What were you doing in Grand Junction, Colorado?
  7. The rabbit for me. What does knackered mean?
  8. Wow, good story, Yakity-Yak. Then it's true after all about having to cap those fish out there for your own safety. One or two halibut and I wouldn't have to fish for awhile, as big as they are.
  9. I've been using 2 colors (60 ft.) of leadcore with leader this spring with good results. It drops about 8-10 ft., depending on boat speed, and rises & falls nicely in turns which triggers strikes. It's an excellent alternative to full core for shallow fishing, since a full core will drop 40-50 feet. Deadly when fished with planer boards.
  10. Outstanding. I have a friend who has fished with relatives out in Alaska for halibut, and he tells me that the locals shoot their fish before gaffing it aboard. Apparently they flop around pretty violently and can do a lot of damage unless subdued. Those halibut are great tasting fish.
  11. Gotta love those superlines, DG. No stretch means better hook-ups, and thinner diameter lines without sacrificing strength. I'll keep my eye out for your preferred brands for future purchases, since I replace my lines every season. I'm always open to new techniques and products. I don't know if you troll, but if so, have you ever used leadcore line? Ken
  12. quote: Which Ande line do you use? Ande Backcountry. I use Maxima Ultragreen for river fishing, typically 4 or 6 lb test. I used to use Trilene, which broke easily, then switched to Maxima, which does not. How about you DG...what's your favorite mono? And do you ever used braided "superlines"? Ken
  13. GlennB: quote: Hey - all God's fishies gotta make a living.Lampreys are the marine equivalent of bankers, lawyers, realtors....did I miss anyone??? Heh-heh. -------------------------------------------- Newt, great photo. I didn't realize Alligator snappers grew so large. Alligator Snappers
  14. Never used it, but I've heard it's good. A lot of charter boat captains use it. Personally I like Ande and Maxima.
  15. Yep, proof positive for sure.
  16. Poledark: quote: BB's at point blank range................A damned great chunk of wood might have more effect, but then you wouldn't want to hurt the thing would you I doubt that a heavy oar or 2 x 4 would do much damage, Den. That would probably just increase their anger. I've heard that the head of a decapitated snapper will continue to bite long after it's dead. Fortunately these things don't attack you ala Jaws... Ken
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