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  1. First, both of you used this thread as an unmerited opportunity to promote your own personal belief system/religion. YES, RELIGION. Or shall I say Rubbish? Second, I think the man deserves a round of applause for coming forward and admitting his mistakes publicly to warn others. I doubt either of you would do that. Why, that might disturb your carefully erected veneer of infallibility. Any why would you want to help anyone else, right? That would betray your bankrupt atheistic principles. Now I remember why I stopped posting on this site. My time is too valuable an asset to waste bant
  2. Neither. This building.
  3. As Newt knows (he and Jan fished with me once), I live in Michigan and fish Lake Michigan for salmon and trout quite regularly in a 16' lund. It's essentially a large freshwater sea which is littered with the wrecks of a lot of boats and ships, because it can get pretty hairy at times. There's even an airliner out there somewhere which went down in 1950, they never did find it. Anyhow, the point I'm trying to make is that if you have a boat it's better to err on the side of caution when you go fishing or boating, even if conditions seem favorable. Four days ago an acquaintance of mine, Da
  4. It can't be worse than the Gherkin, or is it?
  5. Take back this southern weather, Newt. It's even going to top 100° f up here the next three days.
  6. I'm headed for Steamboat Springs in August, but that's high in the Rockies, west of the plains. When I lived in Reno in the Great Basin summer temps were 105°F every day, without a cloud in sight. Water and green was scarse there, I can't say I miss it one bit. I remember at work one day spotting some poor vagrant lying on the ground behind some bushes at midday, with nothing but a newspaper to cover his face from the hot sun. I told my boss about it, he investigated and told me to "forget it, he's just some vagrant." What a dick.
  7. That was probably Scaseman, he has been known to use Jedi mind tricks. Come on, Phone, everyone has heard Zeppelin.
  8. Still going strong after 8 years. New game begins on Friday.
  9. Ouch. I've not been that unfortunate, but I tend to keep my distance and spray the nest generously. I've been stung enough times by wasps and especially bald-faced hornets that I take great pleasure in killing them, they're miserable bastages. A few years ago some yellowjackets found an opening in my house and made a large nest in the finished ceiling of my basement, I knew they were there when they began coming out of my HVAC ducts within the home. I eliminated them with an insect fogger, but before that happened my poor wife got a scare. Some wasps had gotten into the basement and when
  10. I wait until dark then spray by the light of a flashlight. If some escape and come after me for some payback, the light goes off.
  11. Good one. I too find it useful to stay in touch/find certain folks I want to stay in contact with. I don't however find much value in idle chit-chat regarding what was eaten for breakfast, my fav TV program, etc. Wait! isn't that what we do here in Non-Fishing Chat?
  12. What? Twelve days is enough for me, Ziggy.
  13. Well, I tried the haggis and found it at least edible. Reminded me of corned beef hash, my friend Fred thought it delicious. Back in London now, headed for Chicago tomorrow. Adios!
  14. Methinks I should get me hip-boots, I'm being bool-shite-ed. This morning I had a coot (good) breakfast, according to my waitress. Took me a moment to realize she wasn't talking about waterfowl.
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