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  1. Chesters, save yourself a lot of faffing around and wear a boiler suit over whatever else you choose to wear, or just the boiler suit in warmer weather.
  2. I have far too many books, among those that I enjoy reading again regularly are (in no particular order) :- Big Fish - Trevor Housby : Carp and he Carp Angler - George Sharman : Casting at the Sun - Chris Yates : Invisible Waters - John Bailey : The Carp Strikes back - Rod Hutchinson : The Fisherman's Bedside Book - BB. I'm not keen on pure instructional stuff, I want some atmosphere.
  3. Hi Phone, I've been here, not much to say, internet politics is boring, Brexit and Coronavirus is boring now and there's minimal fishing talk. I'm physically well, but caring (for disabled wife) is like being mentally battered 24 hours a day 7 days a week 52 weeks a year, and if something's not soaked in p**s it's probably covered in s**t, it's absolutely relentless. If I want a day off, I have to pay for it. I'm not knocking the professional carers that are currently getting clapped every Thursday eve in the UK, but us unpaid carers get little or no recognition at all. The 2014 Care Act has been suspended due to Covid 19, so there go any rights which were already hard enough to enforce at the best of times. Figures suggest that there are over 5m of us unpaid carers and between us we save the government an estimated £132bn every year, and as soon as I got my State pension, they took back the laughable £62 per week they used to give me.
  4. The supermarkets were all very slow to catch on to cleaning trolley handles. I've been wearing throwaway latex gloves to do all of my shopping and I was wearing them to do it for at least two weekly shops before the trolleys started to be cleaned at all. Likewise when I go for my walk in afternoon, there are gates to all of the New Forest enclosures, I've only seen two other people apart from myself using gloves (or some alternative) to open those gates.
  5. ayjay


    That's been my way for a good few years now, ever since my workday pipe (a metal stemmed Falcon) and baccy was stolen by the feral scum at Turlin Moor Junior School. St Bruno in Liquorice papers is my chosen poison: the EU screwed things up a bit back in about 2011 when they decreed that pipe tobacco should be cut to a minimum size of 1.5mm instead of 1.0mm, but I've found ways around that.
  6. It's a real struggle staying 2m away from everyone on my afternoon walks.
  7. If you knew your way around the kitchen a bit better you could have had both!
  8. In that situation there is at least the possibility to enforce its use: I took my wife to the Doctors yesterday morning for a blood test. The entrance door is automatic, so no need to touch that, I walked through and used the hand sanitiser just inside the door and then queued behind one woman to use the touch screen to sign in, she finished using the touch screen and then used the hand sanitiser! We sat and waited for my wife's call, (about five minutes), whilst there, I could see the entrance door and I watched eleven people come through, six went to the reception desk and left afterwards, five sat in the waiting room. Of those eleven people, one old boy used the hand sanitiser, but only on the way out, the rest didn't bother. It's really no wonder these viruses spread so alarmingly when 99% of the population is so incredibly stupid and lazy.
  9. ..........but they're riddled with adverts: I couldn't face watching a TV where every programme had adverts. The BBC has plenty of faults, but it's still one of the best out there, and there's no adverts, (too many bloody trailers though).
  10. Buy a piece of Brexit history. Think of it as an investment Cod. https://www.thebrexitparty.org/own-history/?utm_source=The+Brexit+Party+Mailing+List+-+Mail+List&utm_campaign=150ab4d768-Own+a+piece+of+history&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_b3a770ee92-150ab4d768-20449725
  11. More newsworthy than a multitude of vacuous bints.
  12. There's a ten year old down South here who recently won an under 21 tournament - Dylan Smith.
  13. The facts are that Jean Charles de Menezes wasn't a terrorist, wasn't a suspected terrorist or even a person of interest, he was mis-identified, not in a split second, not even in a few seconds, he was followed for about 30 minutes before being shot seven times in the head, (and once in the shoulder). One of the reasons for misidentification was that the observing officer was taking a **** and didn't send a photo to HQ for confirmation.
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