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  1. At the bottom of the reply box:- "Choose Files" then select the pic on your device.
  2. Search Google "Fred West" ............and turn the Caps Lock off!
  3. ayjay


    No, it's recreational.
  4. The first one looks like a Palomar knot to me, no need for any other funny business at that age. Trying to teach three at the same time is never going to work Phone. https://www.animatedknots.com/fishing-knots
  5. It is with a digital camera, but if you still use a film camera you buy the film at whatever ISO speed you want/need. I used to use ISO100 film in summer and ISO 400 film in winter. Fortunately digital camera are much better at dealing with high ISOs, the old ISO 400 film would usually produce a very *grainy* pic. My current DSLR, a Canon 80D can handle ISO settings way over 400 without a pic being grainy, and of course there is digital software to deal with a bit of graininess anyway.
  6. David Bryant - bowls leg end - 88
  7. I'm using a desktop PC. I can't for the life of me understand how anyone can use a forum on a phone, I've looked in here and at others a couple of times when I've been away, but it's all just too small and cramped for me. There's no three buttons on my screen anywhere, nor on the main forum index page.
  8. The *Back* button is indeed a feature of the browser (Firefox 77.01) and it literally just takes you back one page, or you can expand the button with a right click of the mouse and select which page to return to, it works perfectly well on every website I use except AN. I've just tried using AN from the main forum page and it is quicker, although having read a couple of topics I then clicked on *Unread Content* and it just whirred away for a good minute or so before loading the page. Which cache are you suggesting I clear - is that the DNS cache?
  9. It did get better for a while, but it's now worse than it was before, the *Back* button in particular is so painfully slow I often give up now and just shut the tab down. The tab/bookmark itself opens in a couple of seconds, (which is still slower than most others).
  10. I was looking around for a camera part yesterday, (a mode dial cover for a Canon 80D) and the best price was from AliExpress, however, it said that they wouldn't ship to the UK. What am I doing wrong. BTW I've ordered it from eBay now, about a £1 more, but that's my pound!
  11. I can still see all three of Tiggers posts, Chesters post reminded me of this:-
  12. This Chesters; just cos you can't see it, etc. etc. :- https://www.insider.com/gigantic-flying-ant-swarm-mistaken-rain-clouds-uk-weather-radar-2020-7
  13. There's no real story: ants take to the wing every year, usually during a spell of hot weather in July or August, there's always a lot of them, this year there happen to be enough to show up on radar.
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