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  1. They play volleyball with Penguins.
  2. I read quite a bit, mostly sci-fi, fantasy or thrillers, but I also like to pick up an autobiography every time I go to the library, I don't look for celebrities, I like them to be about ordinary people. I think the most interesting that I've read recently was *Long Shot* by Azad Cudi.
  3. You're wrong (as usual). I really want Brexit, but I didn't vote Tory. I didn't vote for anyone. I spoilt my ballot paper by writing NO DEAL BREXIT NOW across it. There wasn't a candidate that I was prepared to vote for in my constituency. Of the four on offer, one was a Tory and the other three were remainers.
  4. Why not ask Jean Charles de Menezes?
  5. I'm still here, but rarely post now, especially on this topic. The main protagonist against Brexit here writes unintelligible posts in which they expect the reader to insert their own punctuation to make any sense of it - when you can make any sense of it it's mostly bullshine anyway. When they did use punctuation recently they didn't understand it, we had we're instead of were, or was it where, or even weir - I don't know cos I stopped reading it, the first read made no sense and that was enough for me to give up. I say let it die, however close to whatever record it is.
  6. In 2016 we voted to leave the EU: up to now, those who disagreed with that have done everything they can think of to prevent it from happening. Boris won because he was the leader of the only credible party who said he would honour the democratic decision of 2016 and take us out of the EU. I didn't vote for anyone, I spoiled my paper because I won't vote Conservative and the other three candidates were rabid remainers. If you want hatred and poison, look back through your own posts.
  7. Back on topic: Is the forum upgrade now finished? Is it ever going to speed up? It's currently the slowest site that I use: my bookmark is set to the Non-fishing section and from there I click on *Unread Content* it can take up to two minutes for that page to open, and it's not much quicker when I use the back button in my browser page.
  8. I'll never vote Conservative. I've not yet forgiven the Liberals for the Tuition Fees lies, and they're Remainers. I've not been able to vote Labour since Tony Blair took over, and they're basically Remainers That only leaves the Green Party - they're also Remainers. That's all, no UKIP or Brexit Party. Our local MP had 67% of the vote last time with a 20,000+ majority, that won't change much, my spoiled vote won't change it.
  9. Mine too, with not one amongst them that I'm prepared to vote for - sadly, I have no choice but to go along and spoil my ballot paper.
  10. ayjay


    Best cartoon I've seen for ages.
  11. It would be nice to have the "New Content " button back - "Unread Content" is not the same. Picture test as well, Brown Hairstreak. Edit: That worked, straight from my PC.
  12. ayjay


    Marmite XO is the answer Vagabond. It disappeared from the shelves for a while, but I spotted some again recently and bought a couple of jars, when you taste it, you realise how weak ordinary Marmite has become, it just tastes like Marmite always did. https://www.marmite.co.uk/marmite-xo-is-back.html
  13. I'm looking forward to adding them to my "Garden List".
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