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  1. Can I use my new keyboard yet, or would someone perhaps like to borrow it?
  2. Pigeons will do it all year, and go on to produce progeny: they're just about the only bird species that does that successfully on a regular basis.
  3. John Edrich https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/dec/25/john-edrich-former-england-and-surrey-batsman-dies-aged-83
  4. I don't really do binge any more: I remember puking after my first binge of jelly, ice cream and trifle at my Uncle Dick's wedding in 1955, I don't know why he was called Dick, his name was Clifford, (but my Auntie Jean always had a smile on her face). Further binges followed in the 60s and 70s with an array of very different consumables far removed from jelly and ice cream. The last time I got truly hammered was at my Dad's funeral, Christmas Eve 1975, I do remember that there was no vino left for Xmas day cos I'd already drunk it all. I daren't eat too much either, I'm on a p
  5. I was naked when I met the postman at the front door this morning. I don't know what surprised him most, that I was naked, or that I knew where he lived. I've been told that a good way of letting go of your anger towards other people is to write letters to those you hate and then burn them. I've done that, but do I have to keep the letters? After finding 5 Mars, 3 Snickers, a Galaxy and a Twix in this Celebrations box, I'm starting to think I'm not cut out to be a Bounty hunter. Boss: "This is the third time you have been late for work this week. You know what this means, don't
  6. I wouldn't waste too much time looking through the TV schedule, it's all crap at this time of year. We don't even bother with a fake tree any more, neither do we have cards strung up around the place, no decorations either nowadays, it's just another day to get through. There's not a turkey or a mince pie to be found here, a tube of Pringles and a bag of pistachios is the full extent of our edible celebrations. It will be over soon enough though, and we can all get back to our new Covid normal. Has anyone seen my
  7. It's a long time ago, so exact details are sketchy in my memory, but I do remember that the first couple of times I used it (in known swims) my results were better than expected, more bites sooner and more fish caught as a result, and I just carried on using it as an additive to my groundbait mix. I only used about 5mm in a half pint of water to mix the groundbait: (groundbait just damp enough to hold together when compressed in the end of the feeder).
  8. Bulk buy and link several together.
  9. There's only you talking about Penis rings. I know you know a Waist Expander when you see one, they could have been invented for you.
  10. I used to use "Ace Worm Extract." I used to mix it in small quantities into the groundbait that I used to plug an open ended feeder. I always felt it was worthwhile.
  11. I'm ready for Christmas. How about you Chesters? Have you got the Sprouts on yet?
  12. I've not had much success when targeting Chub in coloured water, although the odd ones I've caught have always been large for that venue. Cheesepaste doesn't need messing with as a bait, simple works just fine, but play around all you want, who knows, you might find the new wonderbait. If it's not too cold, I'd use the tin of meat that's always in my bag and go for Barbel, they really do like a warm flood.
  13. No-one told me we were supposed to stop!
  14. Thanks Phone: I guess Cory is too busy peeling spuds or washing pots. Now I just need to ascertain the difference between milling and grinding.
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