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  1. My ozzie fishing mate Neil identified them - cannot blame a daft Geordie Bobj John
  2. This session had me fishing at Clontarf,Middle Harbour,Sydney with Neil. Neil is originally from Southampton but has now lived in Australia for over 20 years. He knew that I was desperate to add a flathead to my species list so with this in mind we had fresh whitebait to tempt them and also Neil had a small fishtrap. Clontarf is a lovely part of the harbour with a fine park and protected swimming area there. Check it out on this picture below. We set up about 100 yds to the right of this pool. I set up a running ledger rig with a 2/0 circle hook on the end. I baited this
  3. For this trip I had my UK fishing buddy with me - Steve Pope. Those coarse fishermen amongst you may know the name as he is one of the top barbel anglers in the UK. Check him out here - - Steve Pope Barbel Fishing - We decided on Little Manly Point Park as the venue,firstly because it is a known big fish spot and secondly thunderstorms were due and this place had two shelters. Also Steve had no waterproofs. This was our fishing spot [/url] [/url] Check out Steve with the thunderstorm creeping up on us [/url] On the way to the mark we picked up some fresh squid
  4. Thanks for the input Dave Could be fishing for jewfish is Sydney harbour with a local tomorrow night. Looking forward to that John
  5. I fancied a change of venue for the next session so I asked my daughter to drop us off at Manly Aquarium. Not to fish inside it but to fish off the jetty at the rear of it lol. I had fished this spot last year with my aussie mate Ollie and he got a big salmon on livebaited yellowtail here. He also said that you can pick up all the harbour big fish species at this point including all the shark species. This was me setting up First off was to fill my large livebait drum with seawater and then crumb some bread in to get the yellowtails feeding. Then the hard bit was to hook th
  6. After losing that big flathead on my first session I decided to go back to the same venue for my second session. This time I had my good lady for company. Again the initial plan was to get some yellowtail so that we could use them for livebait for the bigger fish. This was our fishing spot and it was like fishing South Shields pier when the mackerel were in. I will not be fishing here again at as weekend. I rigged Dorothy and myself up with light rigs and size 14 hooks tipped with squid. I crumbed some bread in directly below us to get the small fish on the feed and this wo
  7. We have been out in Australia now for 3 weeks and I have just had my first fishing session in Sydney harbour. This is due to a combination of babysitting duties/my location and horrendous unseasonal weather !!!! I picked a spot where I had done well last year for bonito,salmon and kingfish. My ozzie mate had also had a bronze whaler shark there last year and I had been bust off by something big. This was my fishing spot at Little Manly Point Park .About a mile to the left in this first picture in the entrance to Sydney Harbour. This was my view straight ahead - some VERY e
  8. Its another 3 month trip Elton and we will probably just stay in Sydney this time apart from a possible trip up to Byron Bay. We are due to arrive the day before Joshuas second birthday so that will be great. Looking forward to spending some quality time with Joshua. Steve Pope is doing the same with his grandson Henry. Henry and Joshua are great pals Steve says he has not fished yet and is waiting for me to go over. I am sure you will be following our pictorial Australian adventure on Facebook. I try and update the pictures as regularly as I can for the benefit of the rest of our fami
  9. Our next Australian trip is nearly upon us so I had better get my fishing gear sorted out. I do keep some gear at my daughters in Sydney but always take extra over with me. Also last year got spooled whilst livebaiting in the harbour so will be buying a heavier set up as soon as we get there. This time I will try and write up reports as they happen instead of waiting till we get back to the UK. I will be fishing with some of my Australian angling buddies but will also be tying up with our very own "infamous" Steve Pope again. My target is to add to my 33 Australian species (this tot
  10. If I had not retired I would sort it for you free gratis John
  11. No offence taken dave this link should give you more of a flavour for the place https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=tiger+balm+gardens+singapore+photos&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-GB:official&client=firefox-a John
  12. The colours have not been "tweaked" in either case The tiger had been recently painted by the look of him as had many of the hundreds of figures in the garden. If ever in Singapre take your camera along to the Tiger Balm Gardens. The gardens are free to get into and are right next to a MRT station. Give yourself 2/3 hours to see everything. John
  13. Been looking for some more candidates to try the use of"spot colour" on. I have thousands of images on file but really struggled to find a couple that I thought that the use of "spot colour" would enhance the image. These are the two I settled on. Does it work for you ? Critique more than welcome. This first one I took on the Southern Upland Way just north of New Luce This one I took in Haw Paw Villa (Tiger Balm Gardens) Singapore,last year. My conclusion really is that it can be a very powerful tool indeed but has limited uses. John
  14. Some lovely photos there team,well done :clap: :clap: Here are a couple of my latest sunrise shots from my local beach. John
  15. I think everyone will struggle for outside shots the way the weather is at the moment !!!! Would be nice to see pictures of members children opening their Xmas pressies Anyway here is my contribution. I was up Newcastle on a photoshoot the other night and here is a shot of the Millenium Bridge. It has 4 different colour phases but this is the one I prefer I just hope Xmas tree on the extreme left qualifies this picture for the competition John
  16. Anyone who has been to Newcastles St James Park will be familiar with the statue of Sir Bobby Robson at the south west corner of the ground. Not much thought appears to have been given to where it was sited and to be honest - he deserves better. This is where he was sited Well I decided to resite him to a better place so broke in last night and moved him to Leazes Park. It was quite a task to undertake single handed and I forgot how heavy the statue would be. Anyway he is in his new position,do you think he looks better here ? Best keep this to yourself though as the cl
  17. This video does go on a bit but its worth watching it it just to see the action section when he hooks a monster. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0ZD85OjjTA John
  18. Watch the unfortunate lady in the black get knocked out as she hits the pillar John
  19. Here is another one I have just had a play with - again Beverley Minster but different windows. You have got the before and after. Did not lens correct at all as I was quite happy with the original image. After all this play about I am still sitting on the fence over this John
  20. Here you go Ayjay,the original of Beverley - spelt correctly this time John
  21. I have never been a fan of "spot colour" in photography and had therefore never tried it before. I just happened to be sorting some photo files out yesterday on my passport hard drive when for some reason I thought of that technique when looking at a picture of Beverly Minster I had taken. Its certainly not a difficult technique to apply but I still cannot decide if I like it or not. What do you think ? It certainly has its uses to the professionals as they can highlight products using it. I am still sitting on the fence on this one John
  22. My initial thoughts were that Amanda had set the shot up !! No she said said that Joshua picked out that book himself from the bookshelf Just checking out his roots John
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