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  1. I'm no expert, but wonder if it could be drugs related?
  2. As a dog owner, I'd kill them all. A fatal disiease to dogs called lungworm is prevelant in snails and slugs.
  3. If it's like my 6meter margin pole, first you slide the next section insitde the but section and so on to shorten the pole. Please dont saw anything, there is no need to.
  4. That would only leave me a fiver out of my £7:50 weekly benefit. WAAAAY too expensive........
  5. you should have left instruction for delivery of cakes and ice cream and jelly
  6. Morning John Boy......
  7. I think the far more likely genetic mutation will be "Homo Sapien texters neck" Looking at the kids leaving school every day I see kids looking at the floor whilst they put up their day on facebook, via their mobile phone
  8. I saw on the news today that 98% of the fuel NK uses is supplied by China............. I can't believe that "the kid" is willing to upset the Chinese for fear of most of his country having no power, heating or fuel.
  9. If there were any plan, it would be to survive and multiply....
  10. Never been an Elvis fan thankyouverymuch
  11. Regarding rent payments: My local council pay for the rent you should pay on a flat with a correct number of bedrooms. So if you ar an elderly couple with no kids at home you get the equivalent of what you would pay for a one bedroom flat. So, if you have a 2 bed flat you pay the difference between approximately £90 and whatever you pay for a 2 bedroom flat. Ususally around £70:00 per month extra....
  12. First time I saw the church beat Aston villa up.......
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