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  1. We arrived at Perth Airport after a four hour flight from Sydney. The flight proved interesting,having to walk my grandson up and down the aisles for most of the time. At the airport we picked up our hire car and drove the 200k down to our holiday bungalow at Abbey Beach,Geographe Bay (yes that's the way it's spelt) The bungalow was within sight of the beach and I was dying to get fishing. This being a family holiday though I had to be fair and limit my fishing to either early morning or evening sessions. The first morning I was down at sunrise and having no bait simply went through my lure c
  2. My Australian fishing mentor Ollie had been on the phone the night before saying that the weather was looking favourable for fishing one of his favourite rock marks the next day. As arranged then Ollie picked me up at my daughters apartment at Freshwater and we were parking up "near" the mark for just after sunrise. Now Ollie always goes on these trips well tackle laden so I offered to carry about half of the gear for him. He also asked me to don a spare pair of cleated boots that he had dug out for me. The yomp to the mark really had me well goosed I can tell you - especially wearing those c
  3. My main Australian fishing mentor on this trip,Ollie,picked me up at sunrise from my daughters apartment in Freshwater and off we headed to our fishing mark. This turned out to be some rock ledges north of Sydney. Access was fairly easy via a chain which had been installed by the local council. Once down Ollie studied the waves for a few minutes and then said that it was too dangerous for me to fish due to the swell pattern. Note the holes that have been drilled in the rocks to accommodate fishing rods. I do not know if the council of a fishing club had done this. Also note Ollie's shark ro
  4. Probably see you around the Clash Jamie. We arrive sometime on the Friday afternoon - caravan no 5 on the top site overlooking the bay. More than welcome to pop in for a beer/cuppa Have fished the event since it started but got no plans to fish it this year - I will be trying to tempt a big bass lure fishing from the shore. I have total respect for these yakkers seeing some of the conditions they go out to fish in John
  5. The main species I dearly wanted to catch on this Australian trip was a kingfish. Back in 2008 my then ozzie fishing mentor Chris Tyler tried his best to get me one. I did manage to hook one but got bust off. Sadly Chris quite unexpectedly passed away last year so I wanted to catch one in his memory. On this trip out Ollie told me that he would try his hardest to get me one. We set out in Ollies tinny from Sydney North Harbour and rowed the short distance out to where we were hoping to catch some squid. Live squid is the optimum kingfish bait. We set up shrimp rigs on our rods and drifted clo
  6. My ozzie mate Ollie is a great fisherman and one of his aims this year is to catch a shark off the shore. With this in mind he picked me up at my daughters place in Freshwater and we headed off to Manly Lagoon to try and catch some mullet for livebait. We gave it about an hour without a fish but Ollie did manage to catch a duck !!!!! After this plan B came into operation - to buy some mackerel at the shop for his shark bait. We parked up about the middle of Manly beach and started setting up our gear. I just had a spinning rod and intended to bottom fish using squid for bait. Ollie on the oth
  7. Nope Iam John Malcolm Stephenson on Facebook Colin John
  8. Walked from Shelley Beach up to North Head. This is the view of the northern beaches from the top. From left to right the beaches are - Manly,Freshwater,Curl Curl and Dee Why. On the climb up chanced upon this Eastern Water Dragon on the path. Just had time to get this shot before he scarpered !!! Seen this baby Water Dragon down by the beach munching on a grape John
  9. The views over Perth were fantastic from Kings Park Thinking about having a trip up Noosa way before we head back to the UK next month. John
  10. A sunset I photographed at Geographe Bay (Aussie spelling) John
  11. It's on the shopping list Fred John
  12. Ha ha,you got me sussed Check out "Hogwarts",Manly,Sydney. Went up to North Head,you get awesome views of the city from there !!!! Stitched 5 images together for this one. No tripod,all hand held Taking Joshua to his swimming lesson shortly - he has no fear of the water at all John
  13. Flippin heck,what a welcome Manly beach 26 Feb 2012 Beach volleyball - what ball ??? LOL John
  14. Yes putting plenty of factor 30 on and wearing a hat Oh yes my daughter does resemble the milkman Taking plenty of photos whilst here. Was chuffed getting my first lightening shot here the other night. Took about 50 x 30 second exposures and only got two ground strikes. This was the best one. Loving oz John
  15. Just a quick update to let you know that Snatcher is having a great time here in oz. Singapore was fantastic. Will post a couple of my oz photos on here now. This time if you want to follow my photographic adventure you can check it out on Facebook. I am John Malcolm Stephenson on there and my current Avatar is pictures of kangaroos Me with my first kingfish I was here for my youngest grandsons first birthday which was great. Here is a picture of me,my daughter Amanda and Joshua on a Sydney beach Any idea where this was ? Was dead lucky to get this shot.
  16. Sunrise at Whitley Bay Table Rocks. The colours were nothing special but I did like the reflections Well this may be the last post from me for a while as heading off to Singapore/Australia in 48 hours. I am sure I will be posting up a few pictures from this adventure when we return in May Just weighed the cases and there is room for my camera tripod as well as a load of fishing gear. Try not to break anything while I am away John
  17. Nice one Bobj Will be checking out some ozzie sunsets again myself in a couple of weeks John
  18. How about "awesome" as well. Very soothing,cheers for the link Newt. The first butterfly we saw looked a bit like a Ullyses butterfly. I seen a few in the Daintree Rainforest in Northern Queensland on our last trip over there. John
  19. Glaring mistake Newt The "nothing" in the middle of the map should say "millions of flies" !!!!! Been there got the T-shirt. John
  20. Took this shot looking south along Tynemouth Longsands. This picture is untouched in Photoshop apart from adding the text. The colours were great but they only lasted a couple of minutes. They call it the "golden hour" but that special light like I say,you just have minutes at times to capture those sunrise/sunset colours John
  21. Had a poltergeist experience back in about 1970. I am pleased to say the wife (girlfriend then) witnessed it with me From then on kept an open mind on such matters. !!! John
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