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  1. Not been on for a long while, not been fishing much either but am trying to get back on the bank. I hope all my old (they must be old now) are doing ok? Pete
  2. Myself and couple of others are trying to get her too - not sure about ebay in that we would want to keep it local/pick-up only but yes I'd love to see her get a few orders and make a little out of what she loves to do Here's another one she did for a friends wedding, this is a four tier sponge cake - each layer of the sponge was a different flavour.
  3. My partner is into baking cakes etc and has starting doing a few xmas cakes for friends and family. Below is just two of the xmas cakes she has made so far, both are fruit cakes. It's murder for me cos I can't have any and they look and smell soooooooooo good
  4. Great to hear your doing so well now Alan and it was great catching up with you on the phone this afternoon. Keep up the good work and look forward to meeting up and really having a good chat with you mate Pete
  5. I used to keep tropical fish and had a tank of cichlids. For food I had 3 smaller tanks to breed guppies in and used them as food for the cichlids. It was like watching pirana at feeding time when the guppies were put in the cichlid tank.
  6. rods, reels and bivvy sold - Thanks :-)
  7. Listed below are a few bits that I have for sale. Unless stated all iterms are used but in full working order 2 X dragon carp rods 2.1/2lb test curve £15.00 the pair (new) 2 X Dragon Eurorunners £10.00 the pair (new) Buy the above rods with the reels for £20.00 Set of 3 Giant bite alarms in a case £15.00 1 Day shelter £5.00 (new) 1 X One man bivvy £30.00 1 X Preston rod/pole holdall £15.00 (new) 1 X large camo bag £10.00 1 X Wychwood groundbait/bait bag with 3 side pockets. £10.00 1 X Wychwood large collapsable groundbait/bait bag £10.00 Anyone interested
  8. Open to offers - close to asking price
  9. Due to upgrading my seatbox I now have my old one for sale. 4X front draws - 2 deep 2 shallow 1 X full side draw Deep base unit for reels etc Under seat draw for pole rigs etc £50 ono
  10. was posted today 1st class for you mate and thanks
  11. I think it's fair to say from the feed back your getting that not many (including me) would be interested in buying your article as such as those that have been fishing for a while would most likey know and/or all ready use the methods you have in your article. Just a thought - why not sent it or maybe part of it into 'Anglers Net' to be put in the articles section of the site and get some feed back from that to see where you are best going with it.
  12. As Leon said have a look at Horsham lakes that was the 1st place I took my daughter to fish and she loves every min of it and is now hooked into fishing. just about anything bait wise will get you fish there and as for setups - float or feeder it really don't matter. Just keep it simple to start and enjoy. As to you living in the 'posh' part of Chatham - the only good thing about chatham is the roads leading out of it lol Pete
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