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  1. @Phone, you forgot “Golden Wedding - Woody Hermann Dunno how to stick it on using an ipad...
  2. I believe he gave some of it to Boris Johnson.
  3. @Phone, your spelling needs a bit of work... “Outgoing President Trump In A Nutshell” should be... "Outgoing President Trump Is A Nutcase”
  4. You obviously know about them, don’t you?
  5. Saratoga under lily pads, heaven in Coroborree Billabong in the Mary River, Northern Territory!
  6. Forgot to say, the pool was/is a noted duck billed platypus’s swim.
  7. Interesting...not for fish, but sapphire mining. I had a little ‘show’ in the New England Ranges of New South Wales and came across a big granite boulder about a metre down in ‘wash’. The boulder was sat on granite bedrock. As I dug down the downstream side of it, I dug up enough sapphires to buy a new station wagon! Sapphires, being heavy, lost momentum behind the big boulder during floods. In total, I got 85 beautiful blues several small particolours (green/blue) and a pile of corundum.
  8. You want excitement? Try barramundi fishing with 10 to 14 ft crocs eyeing you as a potential meal
  9. Let the dendrobiums dry out for a week, or so, then drown them, so to speak. Also, put them in an outside setting, away from wind an any frosts. If they are getting good, new growth, that is a good sign they should flower in the next year. Most orchids. Require 70% shade, or dappled shade. Winter is their ‘rest’ period, so reduce waterings. Wish I could grow cymbids, but they need six weeks of very cold weather to get them to flower.
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