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  1. @The Flying Tench, A bit more to that photo. I was fishing with a couple of youngsters this morning and one of them knows the bloke in the photo. Seems he was just walking along the bank and saw the fish further along the bank, dead. He reasoned that it was from hot weather????...And reasoned that it was 50 kg.????? So, it made the local news Most likely caught and kept out of the water too long, while taking photos. As to size, I reckon 35 kg would be a lot closer. BTW, Kinchant Dam has an impressive record for barra. https://kinchantwaters.com.au/
  2. Barramundi fishing in Queensland? Big, big barra to 140 cm (55”) At my local dam.
  3. Bobj

    Mango Time

    When you see about 20,000 of the stinking, evil creatures take about 15 minutes to fly past, it gets that you need a barrage of 12 gauge shotguns. Absolute decimation of backyard mango trees. Yesterday, Mum and I cleaned up my nextie's garden (he has 2 new hips), we threw a wheelbarrow full of kensington pride mangoes into the rubbish pit. That was one night's foray by the blighters in one garden tree...
  4. Bobj

    Mango Time

    Living in a deep freeze isn't good for the arteries, Phone...Much prefer 35 C to -5.5C
  5. Bobj

    Mango Time

    And did you drop a line for a barramundi? The Tourist Board, tagged a number of barra with prize tags and released them throughout the area. The total prize money was $1m
  6. Bobj

    Mango Time

    My garden backs onto National Park and every 3rd year a ranger comes to see what's been happening. It seems the hierachy in the QLD National Parks And Wildlife take a dislike to the people who plant mango and custard apple trees are doing wrong and try to tick us off. However, they cannot believe that the very creatures they 'protect', the possums and flying foxes, are dropping the seeds in the parks. The council of a small town in NSW, Bingara, planted the main street with orange trees and every year the primary school children are given a morning to harvest the oranges and sell them. The proceeds go to the school.
  7. Bobj

    Mango Time

    December and mangoes, yum! The supermarkets are selling them at $2 each and the locals in my area are chucking the ones they grow in the rubbish due to flying foxes and possums ... One from my tree weighed 1.3 kg
  8. Bobj


    One has to raise the question of names; bait caster as opposed to ‘multiplier’, a word I find absurd. They revolve around a centrepin, as do all reels, they don’t multiply anymore than a bait caster, or spinning reel. In Australia, they are called overheads being, naturally, over the rod. So, quitcha bellyaching and get using ‘em!
  9. Bobj


    Have 7 Abus and all very good casting reels. All mine are righthanders and easy to cast. An Australian fishing journo used the term,"the educated thumb" to best describe the manner of eliminating the bird nests; that is, to feather the rapidly revolving reel drum with the thumb and to press the drum at point of contact with the water. I still get the odd birdnest due to opposing winds and/or too light a bait. Most of them have accounted for decent fish, 60 lb barramundi, 20 lb long tail tuna etc. Most of them are 5600 C4, so I have spare parts.(100km round trip to town for a pawl?)
  10. Where I live, Mackay, Queensland, we have an average 70/75 in per year. The first 5 months we received 56 in, since then not a enough to wet a postage stamp. If you have any spare?
  11. No problem in Sunny Queensland...
  12. 4 sea turtles and numerous freshwater turtles. 2 sea snakes, a few birds and a couple of fishing rods.
  13. Bobj


    Does that mean you're a nit wit??
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