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  1. Got a knock on the door and a young woman asked if I was Bob.After replying that I am that person, she told me that she had some dunny fodder for me...What??? turned out it was my "daughter" who asked on Facebook if anyone in my area could send me some rolls...Katie lives a thousand km from me and was worried I would not get any from Mackay...The young lady and I had a good giggle and then she handed me 4 rolls.
  2. No, mate, it is the Record 60. Had to check, as it has been “put out to pasture” and I thought it might have been my ABU Rocket. But the Rocket has not got a level wind.
  3. Have to wade in on this thread...Ugly sticks are good, however, for my money the Daiwa Heartland takes a lot of beating. I fish mainly for barramundi, be it in a river, dam, or sea and my heartland, at 5.6ft coupled to an ABU Record, or an ABU Ambassadeur 5600c4 has taken many big fish. Most of my fishing has been with lures, from small 10 gram metals to 6" barrabait lures and softies. Most fish have been caught within 30 metres, so, why use 160 gram 'sinkers'? And, yes, same rod, 10 years apart...
  4. Phone said, "The sport of predator fishing is VERY heavily bias toward lures. Not so much in the number of anglers but rather Investment if fishing. Every other fisherman has a $25,000 - $50,000 boat, RODS REELS and kit collection" Very much so in SE Australia, targetting murray cod and yellowbelly, the 2 main species, though a few old 'die-hards' use yabbies for bait, especially for the yellowbelly. Same in 'The Top End" of the Northern Territory, The Kimberlies and northern Queensland, where the main species is the barramundi. Lures are about 98% of the fishos arsenal, with hardbodies slowly losing out to soft plastics (costs).
  5. Bobj


    An oldie, but worth a second look...
  6. Bobj


    Fri, Feb 14, 10:33 PM (16 hours ago) to In a train from London to Manchester, an American was berating the Englishman sitting across from him. "The trouble with you English is that you are so bloody stuffy ... You set yourselves above the average person. Do you really think your stiff upper lip attitude really works… Look at me: I'm me! I have a little Italian in me, a bit of Greek blood, a little Irish and some Spanish blood. What do you say to that?" The Englishman lowered his newspaper and replied, "How very sporting of your mother."
  7. Err, welch is when you don’t pay on a lost bet. Welsh is the proper name for taffys I think.
  8. Bobj

    A Big Strike

    Excellent! Many thanks for that info. I do remember that there was some dispute re the 'Pendennis Castle', but didn't attach the two incidents. Will certainly dig deeper as your info has whet my appetite! Bob.
  9. When I lived in Yorkshire some 56 years ago, I seem to remember there was a big strike in one of the big shipyards, Harland and Wolff, or, Cammell Laird that occurred because 2 men, a welder and his offsider argued as to whose job it was to lift the chalked string to mark a steel plate in order to cut it. I remember that a lot of jobs were lost due to that insignificant act. Can anyone shed light on the incident, please.
  10. Would that be its BUM? Brain under mutilation
  11. @The Flying Tench, A bit more to that photo. I was fishing with a couple of youngsters this morning and one of them knows the bloke in the photo. Seems he was just walking along the bank and saw the fish further along the bank, dead. He reasoned that it was from hot weather????...And reasoned that it was 50 kg.????? So, it made the local news Most likely caught and kept out of the water too long, while taking photos. As to size, I reckon 35 kg would be a lot closer. BTW, Kinchant Dam has an impressive record for barra. https://kinchantwaters.com.au/
  12. Barramundi fishing in Queensland? Big, big barra to 140 cm (55”) At my local dam.
  13. Bobj

    Mango Time

    When you see about 20,000 of the stinking, evil creatures take about 15 minutes to fly past, it gets that you need a barrage of 12 gauge shotguns. Absolute decimation of backyard mango trees. Yesterday, Mum and I cleaned up my nextie's garden (he has 2 new hips), we threw a wheelbarrow full of kensington pride mangoes into the rubbish pit. That was one night's foray by the blighters in one garden tree...
  14. Bobj

    Mango Time

    Living in a deep freeze isn't good for the arteries, Phone...Much prefer 35 C to -5.5C
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