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  1. As you say, many, many varieties, thanks to cheap mericloning. Very rare to see species orchids in supermarkets, but still available in some orchid nurseries. When I started my collection 21 years ago, I sought out as many species orchids as my retirement funds would allow; they are mainly dendrobiums.
  2. I have built up two micro climates, one under the mango tree and the other, under the macadamia tree. The Macadamia one 'houses' my phalaenopsis collection, plus a few dendrobiums and cattleyas among a few ferns. Th white orchid at the bottom, is the uncommon variety of cattleya skinneri, the common variety being mauve.
  3. Only in Britain...
  4. Alas, I also lost a gang of 4 x 3/0 hooks when I released it.
  5. A wet, drizzley morning, but that was ok because I got my pb goldie at 97 cm and a guess at 16 kg on a pilchard. Had to climb down a wet granite wall to measure it and cut the Line. Well worth getting wet through!
  6. And I thought you lot were up the creek...
  7. Queensland, as far as I know, is the only place on the planet where 2 rivers join to make 1 creek; the Georgina and the Thompson rivers make Coopers Creek. And, for a few years, are dry.
  8. Covid-19 rules when going from Queensland to the Northern Territory need 1 sheet of paper with name, destination and list of illnesses. Rules from Northern Territory back to Qld need. 2 sheets of paper, same thing on both?!!? Police stop every vehicle, both ways... Victorians are not allowed to leave their State.
  9. Bobj

    Odd Spot

    Only one piece. Her son wants to take me to find more. Hopefully, that will be on Saturday, or Sunday.
  10. Bobj

    Odd Spot

    Not her...She's a Lancastrian, from Oldham!
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