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  1. Bobj

    Odd Spot

    My ‘daughter’ and her son were out in the semi desert of western Queensland, looking for amethysts. Katie tripped over a stone and broke 4 bones in an ankle. They drove to the Cloncurry hospital and the senior Dr. did what he could, but katie needed An op and the nearest major hospital is in Townsville, some 1000 km away, so it was decided to fly her there. But...she needed an escort, so her other son, who lives inT’ville, flew over and the ambulance took her to the Cloncurry airport. The airline would not allow her on board because the Cloncurry hospital forgot to buy a ticket. It transpires that the earliest Katie can fly, is next Monday... What makes it worse is that every time she has been to Cloncurry, something bad has happened. First was a breakdown in her 4wd and a 3 week wait for spares, 2nd was a roll over In the desert and the police had to rescue them, then she broke her ankle and now, the hospital forgot to buy a plane ticket. I was to meet them on Friday, a 2 day drive away...Still, I can meet her son and we can look for amethysts together. PS, As she never had a father, he left the home before she was born, she looks to me as her dear old Dad.
  2. Cirque Du Soleil, il est formidable. sadly, gone bust, thanks to Corvid-19.
  3. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-10-19/lennie-gwyther-leongatha-sydney-harbour-bridge/9064790
  4. I have 2 fish photos that are used by Museums Victoria for reference purposes, a trevally and a scad. The senior ichthyologist asked if the Museum could have a copy of one.
  5. Got a knock on the door and a young woman asked if I was Bob.After replying that I am that person, she told me that she had some dunny fodder for me...What??? turned out it was my "daughter" who asked on Facebook if anyone in my area could send me some rolls...Katie lives a thousand km from me and was worried I would not get any from Mackay...The young lady and I had a good giggle and then she handed me 4 rolls.
  6. No, mate, it is the Record 60. Had to check, as it has been “put out to pasture” and I thought it might have been my ABU Rocket. But the Rocket has not got a level wind.
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