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  1. What a Magnificent beastie!!! Cheers for posting that YY!!!....and what a good lad puttin it back where it belongs!... Great story and lovely to see that there are still some monsters left to be found! All the Best, Art
  2. Glad you've got the date sorted matey, looking forward to it, especially after missing the last one... Tightlines all, Art
  3. Hi Tristan, you might like to visit the Angler Afloat website where you'll find that 'Starvinmarvin' from the forum, chose a Caper for his first project. Loads of info on how you might kit it out for fishing...unless you by an 'angler edition' which will already have some of the fishing toys installed. http://www.anglersafloat.co.uk/KayakProject.html ....that's the link to the Project Caper page. I haven't paddled the frenzy, but have paddled the caper and would thoroughly recommend it, especially if you have limited space. Good luck with your purchase, Tightlines, Art
  4. Mine too!!! we have more deliveries from lakeland than we do from the postman!!!....latest item to arrive....a glass and stainless steel foaming soap dispenser which apparently saves 70% more soap!!!!....how did we ever manage before!? give a girl a computer it'll cost you a few hundred... give her access to the internet you'll never stop paying! Cheers, Art...nice bags BTW
  5. Tpw, I'm just down the road from Amroth, if you'd like to pratice I'll come down and show you what works with you and your kayak. Biggest problem down there is getting to deep enough water to practice...400 yards out and you can still stand up!!! I'll PM you my phone number, give me call anytime and we'll arrange a meet...I could do with a practice too anyway! All the Best, Rich
  6. Well Done GB! sounds like you had a good day. Lovely picture of your transport too. As far as carrying a net goes, I think I'm going to start carrying one after hearing so many tales of fish lost at the side. Generally I've been pretty lucky with get them aboard, but I guess there's always going to be the chance of that 'big one that got away'. Congratulations anyway on a good day out and a lovely looking well kitted craft. Hopefully I'll be able to join you on one of your trips soon and will be up for the tope anytime after my success at Towyn, I'm thirsty for more! I'm away on t
  7. GB that sound good and a skilfull fit to boot! Look forward to seeing the pics. Don't think you'll be needing it today down at Stackpole....might be needing some sun cream though! Tightlines, Art
  8. Hi GB, I'd be there with you tomorrow but unfortunately I've been lumbered with family and work...one of them would be bad enough, but both! Anyway have a great session and I'll hope to join you another time, Tightlines, Art PS...let us know how you get on!
  9. that's right Martin I saw a news article on this issue earlier in the week and it is only England at present. The sooner the Welsh assembly jump on the idea the better. My Wife is a full time swimming instructor and is always busy teaching. Many of the children she teaches are having private lessons as they were unable to get on to a council run scheme through over subscription. Equally some parents actually send their kids to both the council classes and my wife's classes. My point being there is a large demand for swimming tuition here in Wales and so any legislation I'm sure would be v
  10. Chic, it ceratainly is!...the inches quote is classic...the youth of today are clueless...or as my T shirt puts it 'Youth and Talent are no match for Age and Treachery' Cheers, Rich
  11. Put the Ritchie Kayaker in there SM....I like the retro look and 1950s UFO profile!....and it matters what I think....afterall when you're finished with it........!!! Have fun choosing GB...although I must say they are, like you say, all pretty big. Cheers, Rich
  12. Thanks for the report there Nifty, lovely to hear all the different perspectives on the trip and fit them together to build a picture of what you guys enjoyed!...the only shame is your pictures seem to have vanished from photobucket before I got a look....your words more than make up for that though! Glad you enjoyed your first kayak fishing session Hake, welcome to the 'community' as I think Simon put it, hope you manage to get out again soon, Tightlines, Rich
  13. Well done guys! As you say it's not over yet as a few boys are there till wednesday, but thanks for the reports above, gives the rest of us a real flavour of what it was all about. Congratulations to all who beat PBs and caught when the conditions were not so favourable Mr Everett...I'm green with envy over your bait blitz and gannet encounter, fantastic stuff...and what a cracking bass!!! Speciman, that campsite looks great to me and very handy not having to drive to the launch! Anyway thanks again for sharing your encounters boys, I look forward to reading anything further
  14. Hi GB, I didn't make the trip myself as you know. However I have spoken to Starvinmarvin who told me some of the details. I won't ramble on too much as I'm sure the guys will be along with any photos they have but... It seems the tope had moved way off shore and so none were caught. The weather turned very windy on Saturday I think he said...so much so, that SM decided to drive home at the end of the day having lots of doggies etc but no prize bass or tope that he was after, which was a real shame. Even worse was to follow after SM's departure (from SM's perspective)...the weather calm
  15. Just a quick update for those stuck at home or just couldn't make the trip...I have had some word from SM and it sounds like they are having a great time but and I quote 'no tope yet, charters have moved 20 miles off shore!' So sounds like the guys maybe struggling a bit on the tope front. Still wish I was there with them and here's hoping the tope return in strength to give them all a taster before the weekend is over! .... ....or have Nifty and Phooey caught them all over the past few weeks and scared 'em off!!! Lets hope for some great fishy tales on thier return, Tightlin
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