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  1. So what you're saying is that most people that go fishing aren't lovers of the countryside or open air - they're carp catching machines programmed to arrive at a lake, bombard it with 10 kilos of bait, catch as many carp as they can and then bugger off home? I do beg to differ yo some extent. I think most 'anglers' partake in the pastime because they enjoy being outside and they enjoy the wonders of nature. You can't be an angler and not enjoy either because the two come hand in hand. Sure there are loads of commercial stillwaters out there, where it's easy to drive down the gravel driveway,
  2. Go on Steve, Apply for it - you know you want to!
  3. Yeah, and apparently, cos we iz fik anglurs we dunt now tha diffrince bewtean an otta an a mink! Join Date: Jan 2008 Location: Harpenden, Herts Posts: 1,354 Re: Angling trust calls for otter cull Could the problem be Mink not Otter? I wouldn't rely on any member of the angling fraternity to tell the difference.
  4. Electricity Wurz - the way I see it, if we run out of gas, oil and coal - at least we'll have a little bit of leccy in the UK courtesy of the wind!
  5. A very good friend of mine phoned the AT recently and asked "What do I get for my twenty quid joining fee as a sea angler?". The girl at the end of the phone didn't have an answer, and he was told to call back the next day, which he did. "So, what do I get for my £20 as a sea angler?" The answer was quite simply.... 'Err, you get to enter some fishing competitions that mean you can try out for the England Squad'. I'm not kidding you, that was the actual answer given. And the ONLY answer given! Now, after reading the AT forums, I suggest that they add to their crib sheet the following... Qu
  6. Oh well, nevermind! Let's face it - a multi billion pound, 350 turbine electricity plant sanctioned by the Government versus a few local commercial fishermen.... hummmm... not much contest there really is there? The fact is we are gonna see loads more of these projects popping up all over the place. There's nothing we can do about it, and more importantly we shouldn't be thinking of doing anything about it. The fact of the matter is, the World is running low on resources and these wind farms are a small step in the right direction to safeguarding a small amount of power for the UK. Yes,
  7. Well, I agree with you Sutton. I only really use my Veals SureSpin MKII or Fox Mullet Master rods during the summer months, either those or the MTI 15lb Offshore - that's about as heavy as I go, even when tope fishing. There's no need to use heavy kit unless you need to use stupid amounts of lead. I did say it was 'some' of the UK's best bass fishing. In fact, the best bassing in that area is a little further off (You know where I'm talking about Sutton!) I've only ever kept one bass over 9lb, and that was for a barbeque on my 30th birthday. More often than not I'll take three or four in
  8. Barry is a good friend, and one of the best boat fitters I know. And he's a damn good skipper and angler to boot. He's no good on the boat after a night out on the beers with Tuggy and I in the 'Lifeboat' though! Ha Ha!
  9. Say goodbye to some of the UK's best bass fishing!
  10. Hi Howard, I'd leave it a few weeks if I were you. The sea temperature there is around 2 degrees, which is way colder than it should be at this time of the year. It's been really hard to catch from the boats, but the next couple of weeks should hopefully see things improve. The annual run of spring codling usually begins at the end of Feb, so I'd look to plan your trip around then or the start of March.
  11. Well here's what the ASA (American Sportfishing Association) have to say on the matter! http://www.asafishing.org/newsroom/news_pr100509.html
  12. What about 'shoot and release' Steve? This article clearly focusses on Grouse shooting, Pheasant shooting, Deerstalking and Salmon fishing. All of which are kept for the table. I don't think many (if any) salmon are released once caught in Scotland. Yet again, like you say, the phrases used in this article are way out of line.
  13. "Sir, People who catch and kill fish for fun are demanding the deaths of otters who catch fish in order to survive. “Country sports” enthusiasts are already responsible for the deaths of countless animals — possibly running into the millions — as they “protect” their target species until they are ready to shoot or catch them. Now otters may be added to that ill-fated list. Such selfishness and savagery should not be tolerated". Kate Fowler - Head of Campaigns, Animal Aid I don't think that Kate Fowler realises that if it weren't for anglers there probably wouldn't be any otters in the
  14. And I bet the doddering old fart doesn't also realise that this so called 'entertainment' results in some bloody great grub on the plate. 'Deerstalking, Pheasant shooting and Salmon fishing'. I think it's a great idea. Good on the Scottish Country Sports Tourism Group! More of the same please throughout the entire UK!
  15. Ha ha ha. Brilliant. We should have asked the bookies what odds they would give us. I suppose it'll go on, and on, and on forever. It's like Groundhog research. I bet there are marine scientists up and down the country wiping hard drives and burning papers to detroy the evidence so they can all get funding and do it all again for another 15 years. Talk about an easy life.
  16. LOL, he's not a happy chappy is he? I just can't see how a few otters can eat £40,000 of fish from one lake? Did the lake just have two dozen ornamental kois in it or something? I wasn't aware that the entire country was being overun by otters either. I thought that they were few in numbers. Unless, of course, the otters he's talking about are jet black and have wings? I'm sorry, but if you stand by and watch the fishing lake that you've leased for over 65 years go down the pan then you've got something wrong with your head.
  17. I think it's about time you wrote something for the National Press Steve. You write extremely well, and I'm sure some of the major papers would welcome some words from you. Name and Shame 'em so to speak.
  18. I did hear a rumour over the festive period, that the AT were thinking of calling for a cull on Polish immigrants that were stealing carp for Christmas dinner and putting syndicate lake owners out of business - but it obviously never made the public domain!
  19. It should be down to personal choice, of course. I love eating fish and so do my family. I always return most of what I catch. I never take small fish, even when they are well in size. I only take quality fish that will feed my family. Oh, and papiskMUSE I suggest you take up carp fishing and leave the sea fishing alone mate!
  20. That is by far the biggest load of B******s I have ever had the displeasure of reading. No wonder you only made it half way through Elton! Just loved this bit that was repeated... yawn...over and over... yawn....again.....yawn.....throughout the... yawn... document. "• Providing more and bigger fish using a variety of tools and mechanisms" Well, I'm off to me shed to get me chainsaw and angle grinder, plus a few pulleys and cogs to see if I can't go save those poor eels that we all keep murdering!
  21. If you really want to protect eels, surely the easiest thing to do is kill all the pike, perch, chub, kingfishers, grebes and cormorants found in/ along the rivers that the elvers swim up? Then there'll be loads for the commercial lads to take - happy days!
  22. Well, I have read Keith's little gem in the latest AT and I too am very confused with what he has written. It's under the title 'We don't need this rubbish!'. Keith is way off the mark as far as the article that Steve wrote for me is concerned. I think the biggest joke in Keith's piece is the dig at Boat Fishing Monthly magazine not 'doing its job' and the implication that I don't check my facts as an editor. Yet again Keith is totally wrong. As Steve has mentioned previously on this thread, all the 'facts' in the article came from the AT themselves - work that one out? As far as charter boa
  23. And Barry, thank you for posting the e-mail on this forum. Whether or not the original sender is legit doesn't matter really, the important thing is that such an e-mail was sent to so many people in the first place. The last thing we need is a full scale slagging match - what we need is Angling Unity (that name rings a bell...)
  24. Hi Mark, I think we have an idea who sent the e-mail round. The problem is that it was sent to a large number of anglers and influential people who may have believed it. I thank you for coming on here and clarifying the situation. Like I said, the offer to promote the AT in BFM each month is still there when you are ready. If you want to just crash something out each month and e-mail it to me, I'll tidy it up and mail it back for approval before publication. Even if it's just a few hundred words on anything at all that the AT are doing for sea anglers - it's a start. I know you're a bus
  25. Well, well, well gentlemen, this is a rather large can of worms to be opening isn't it? The truth is, I have kept each and every e-mail sent and received between myself and the Angling Trust. They completely dispell this latest load of rubbish being circulated. The truth is I contacted the AT soon after the 'big' launch and offered them a page in Boat Fishing Monthly every month, but had no response. Then, my advertising manager did exactly the same, but again, no response. I agreed with Mark Lloyd to print a 'right to reply' feature, word for word, after someone obviously read one of Stev
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