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  1. Hi Guys and Gals, I've uploaded loads of new videos to the Boat Fishing Monthly YouTube Channel. There's everything from 20lb+ hounds and 40lb+ tope action to how to rig up for marina mullet. Enjoy! BFM Youtube Channel
  2. Dave B

    Portland Tuna

    Definitely Murph. If anglers along the south coast put the hours in then I'm sure one will get caught on rod and line. It's a lot of hard work though, and it could mean days on end of mind-numbing boredom and blanking, but how cool would it be to be the first to catch one on rod and line from the south coast!
  3. No worries. As far as the spinning goes, i was using plugs and dexter wedges for the spinning, but when I switched onto the prawn baits I was using a simple patternoster rig or running leger with a small lead (take a handful with you). Also take some wire with you for short bite traces in case you start getting bitten off - there's a lot of fish with teeth over there! There were no harbours where I went, in fact, there were no fishing boats - other than the locals and their home-made cats! I did hear that there was one charter boat further up the coast, but I struggled to find any info on it
  4. I've fished Sri Lanka before, and I caught loads of weird and wonderful species. Just a few notes... Be careful of just 'wandering down to the beach'. I was based at the south of the Island, and within 2 minutes of leaving the hotel and walking along the beach I was approached by a group of lads and asked if I wanted to buy some Heroin! It was then that I realised why there were armed guards all around the beachfront of the hotel! As far as the fishing goes, I got lucky. There were very few proper fishing boats where I was, in fact none! I just happened to make friends with a local
  5. My money's on it being one of these: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coelacanth They do pop up every now and then.
  6. Check ya inbox mate....
  7. Hi all, I've uploaded a range of short videos showing how to tie knots and how to prepare various baits. You can check the knot vids here and the baiting up vids here
  8. Depends what you want it for? My standard summer kit is a 10ft Veals Sure Spin MKII rod matched with a Shimano Ultegra 4500 fixed spool loaded with 30lb PP. I use that for hounds, turbot, bass and even tope (tope to just shy of 50lb last year). I also take along a lighter, Fox Mullet Master 11ft rod (unfortuantely they don't make these anymore) with a smaller fixed spool reel - again for the hounds, bass, plaice, bream etc. If you want a seriously good rod, check out the new Yasei range from Shimano - they're ajpanese rods designed for use with fixed spool reels - speed jigging and ver
  9. Bloody hell! You really are taking this seriously aren't you! I'm sure if you put the hours in you'll get a result. Make sure you take a camera and take a few trophy shots - I'd be interested in a feature on the subject for the mag.
  10. Have just uploaded the news story to our website too Paul. Would love to pop up again this year and fish with with the G man and yourself (Maybe cane a few oysters as well!) http://www.boat-fishing-monthly.co.uk/chan...mp;cate=__10392
  11. Yes mate, the ol' Yanks would call it a teaser. Hey, you can't beat anything that Lefty Kreh has had a hand in - the guy's a total legend! And, I should think that orange or yellow would be ideal colours to annoy a blue shark into 'having a go'. Good luck with it, and get in touch with John over in Ireland, he's a really nice bloke and will talk to you about how he's been doing it - no worries.
  12. Quite a few years ago I was lucky enough to fish with John Brittain, skipper of Blue Water out of Clifden on the west coast of Ireland. At that time he was the first skipper in Europe to have caught blue shark on the fly, and he told me exactly how they did it! He had a couple of Dutch guys on board that had booked the boat to specifically target sharks on the fly, and I think they got two to the boat one day. Basically, you set yourself up a decent rubby dubby slick as you would normally, then you have a powerful spinning rod and fixed spool set up with a mackerel tied to the end of the
  13. Andy's a top bloke. However, that fish was caught nearly three weeks ago wasn't it? Talk about old news!
  14. I've always said that if i wanted to 'get rid' of someone, the Bahamas is the place! A quick jab with a knife then a push overboard and hey ho - sharkfood. I've never seen so many sharks anywhere else in the world. There are some truly massive Bull sharks there too, I had one circle the boat that was estimated well over 500lb - it was pretty peed off cos I 'swung' a 70lb yellowfin into the boat because he was chasing it for his tea!
  15. Hi all, I've used them over here a few times and I plan on using them a lot next season. The great thing about the Dipsy Divers is that they allow you to fish a huge spread of lures, or they let you troll a lure close to a shallow water reef without fear of getting your boat anywhere near it! Basically you can set the Dipsys to fish left or right up to 70 yards away from the boat, and something like from 4ft to 100ft deep! They use them a lot in the Baltic when trolling for salmon, so they're perfect over here for bass. I'll be using 2 Dipsys and 2 normal deep diving plugs for my trolling ne
  16. Let's hope they all get sent to prison for a very long time! Idiots. That's the problem with the commercial sector - you get a few greedy gits like this and it gives the entire industry a bad name.
  17. Dave B

    River Roker!

    "Mary catches ray on holiday from Africa in the River Fal" Well I didn't know you caught thornback rays in Africa, and I certainly didn't know that they went on holiday either - sheesh, you learn something new every day!
  18. Just had my latest 'Update' e-mail from the AT. As usual there's nothing at all about sea angling on it among the 10 headlines. But there was this! "Angling Trust to Call for Ban of Eel Fishing Now that all anglers must release any freshwater eels they catch, the Angling Trust intends to respond to the current consultation on eel bye laws by demanding that all commercial eel fishing should cease. Given how little we know about the lifecycle of the eel, its dramatic decline in numbers and its importance to the aquatic ecosystem, we can’t see how commercial exploitation can be justified any
  19. I think you missed it Murph - it was last weekend!
  20. Thanks guys, Well we didn't catch loads of fish, but all the instruction is there and of course all the banter! The whole point of this new series is to show it how it really is out there - the good days and the bad! it's all about getting a feel for a day afloat and everything that it entails. There are some right old capers down the line in future shows, including some mega wind ups, and some on-board cuisine that's out of this world. I hope you all like it!
  21. I have used that rig a few times, it's good when the bass are herding mackerel shoals or when fishing in shallow water. It allows you to present a live mackerel near the surface, which appears to be swimming freely - cos it can move up and down in the water column. Definitely worth a go from the shore over here as soon as the mackerel show in numbers.
  22. Lol, imagine if that boat COULD do 88mph! That would be one hell of a ride!
  23. I think it's illegal to 'make up' quotes and comments from anybody and then print them - especially an MP. I would have thought Mr Salter did actually say those things. What gets me is how anybody can lose £80,000 worth of carp from a muddy puddle to a few otters. I know they often take fish and just rip out the gills and throat, but surely they'd have to nail a shed load of carp to amass that amount of financial damage. I've got visions of a 1-acre lake with 200 otters sitting around the edge, planning mass attacks of the carp shoaled together in the middle! Loved this bit though...
  24. LOL. I had to laugh at this report - what a great piece of journalism! See how many different stories you can fit under one heading. Ha ha. All of a sudden we go from Whitsand Bay being destroyed to someone catching a big cod, then carp - nice one! The main story itself is a bit worrying though. This is the sort of thing that MCZs are meant for - to help prevent mass ecological damage.
  25. I'm not being defeatist Deano, I've worked closely with all the major manufacturers in the UK for over 16 years. In all that time there have only been a select few that have put money back into sea fishing by means of sponsorship of a few competitions. As far as the amount of money we spend on tackle etc, you're right that the starting point should be the manufacturers themselves - but I wonder just how many would release sales figures relating to how many/ how much sea fishing product they sell every year? The concept of a free license is an interesting one too, but what's to stop the Gover
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