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  1. Bookers Cash and Carry no longer are selling it!
  2. Where is Spam made? Apparently you can't buy catering packs of it anymore in the UK? Who buys and eats that rubbish anyhow?
  3. But surely, If British people are demanding people go back to their country of origin, that means she should come back here and face British justice?
  4. The Danish chap will probably be judged to have'mental health ' problems If he is a Danish citizen, they should deport him to Sweden and make it clear where he is from They utterly despise the Danes. Leave him in a deprived area of Stockholm. They'll know what to do with him.
  5. I'm fully aware Hellman's is American. I wouldn't go within 209 yards of the revolting stuff . It's dead easy to make, using my own hens eggs!
  6. Surely, everyone needs Tallegio........... Nigel Slaters Taleggio and Pearl Barley with Bacon Risotto is to die for. Brexiteers must have a exotic palate , you don't flavour everything with hellmans do you?
  7. Yes suicide is up. The mentally unstable always suffer in terms of hardship. We will get through this, people need to see an endgame, but to risk making the virus numbers explode again is a seriously bad idea. The police don't have the resources but ideally they need to stop your average walker driving eight miles just for a 'change of scenery ' . Give people an inch and they always take a mile.
  8. Hope all is good Phone. Is Barry Luxton still logging in?
  9. Ballymac Alfred. A greyhound running at Newcastle tomorrow night-. 5.22 pm. Remortgage your house, what could possibly go wrong? A fine fine bet. Each way recommended. Lol
  10. I find the BBC Weather forecasts, wildly inaccurate. The Met Office is ok but as I play a lot of tennis, I use XCWeather. It's the best of a bad bunch, I reckon.
  11. Apparently the Brits in Brussels can't get hold of Custard Creams. You have to admit that is a life-threatening situation. Never particularly liked them personally. Can they not try a Speculaar? They are being pathetic.
  12. New bikes have to be sold with a bell on. The owner of the bike is perfectly entitled to take it off and this is entirely legal. Cod , start some EU talk, ASAP .
  13. EU talk is boring. I should have started another thread with this- If anyone rides a bike, is it mighty uncool to have a bell on the handlebar? I live where there are many elderly walkers and they have no idea I am approaching them. Should I carry a airhorn and give them all a cardiac, or do I politely advise them I am approaching, or do I get a ding- ding bell?
  14. It clearly needs sorting. We can put our faith in the Conservative Party to do so.
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