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  1. 732 deaths in Germany yesterday. Its not all rosy?
  2. The UK is making a monumental hash of treating this virus. We are simply miles behind Germany South Korea , and Canada. But then again we are not as developed as these nations. So what can one expect?
  3. My Morrison's in Morecambe was remarkably well stocked at 7am this morning. Had pretty much everything and it was relatively quiet. Loads of toilet roll and no hand sanitizer. I can probably count myself lucky,that I can shop at that time!
  4. You'd have to have mental health problems to pay that much.
  5. We all know Donald Trump is a liar. He will get voted in for a second time. If only because the Democrats are in a hopeless mess.
  6. Why does a brown cow make white milk,when it only eats green grass?
  7. I work for a large kitchenware company that specialise in internet sales. If you think Yodel are terrible try using Hermes.Yodel are a model for perfection. Don't forget,all delivery drivers have terrible delivery rota's and get paid peanuts. Just saying like.
  8. We can take back control and become America's poodle. We are the most important country cos we won the war. ............And our standard of living is simply miles behind the Scandinavian countries.In 12 months time,our standard of living will be behind Montenegro's. It's a retrograde step,or should I start to believe the Daily Mail\Express\Sun.
  9. We are separating from the EU. We are not divorcing it...... I am not sure we can believe the Express newspaper for its interpretation of Macron's words. Or any other newspaper come to think of it.....
  10. Even if our economy grows after leaving the EU,our standards will be in the gutter,alongside the USA and Australia's. But that's what 13.9 million people voted for when voting Conservative. The implications are enormous..
  11. Considering, up to 300 million animals may have perished in the Australian bushfires. You'd have thought it would get more coverage. The BBC and other press agencies seem to be completely ignoring the utter destruction of wildlife. I think they are far more effected than the eighteen humans that have sadly lost their lives! I probably need to man up.
  12. Burnley is a dead-cert Labour seat. It's also a very heavy leave area. The Labour party completely ignored the will of the people and the Co nservatives were the only party in the area offering a deal to leave Europe. The Tories easily won the seat. This happened in many other northern towns..... The Labour party didn't listen to their voters. Where I am Lib Dems held on against a ferocious Tory campaign, because the Lake District is a strong remain area,and with a increased majority........ It was all about Brexit and Labour didn't listen. Boris Johnson, god help us.......
  13. The UK certainly is divided in opinion isn't it?
  14. And of course the NHS is safe under Boris Johnson. Finland is offering to house every rough sleeper in its country for free. I wonder if Boris Johnson is passionate about doing the same.... Or perhaps we can get rough sleeping numbers to soar even further.
  15. I think the British public enjoy Boris Johnson's lies. He'll almost certainty get voted in. And what does that say about the British public? The trouble is, all our parties are failing us?
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