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  1. Seems to me that you are asking for trouble taking a rod and line down to the river. What if people see you doing it, assume you are fishing and all go down at the weekend. As for cutting swims out, apart from the obvious path to a swim that may look as if it had been fished to passers by, one of the reasons for a close sesason was to protect nesting birds etc. What if there was a warblers nest in those nettles? Stay to the footpaths and leave your rod at home. How long does it take you to plumb a swim on a river for goodness sake?
  2. A section 30 would be required and in addition to get a section 30 the pond/lake must be registered with the EA. I believe that all lakes must be registered under recent legislation but I can't find a link on the EA site.
  3. There is a new link for this :- http://www.fishingmagic.com/forums/general-fishing/ One further point that I would make about the Angling Trust and the club that mushroom is setting up for tidal Thames anglers. They will also be protected by 3rd party liability insurance by joining the Angling Trust. It gives members of that club free 3rd Party liability cover so if a member should be unfortunate enough to hook someone on a back cast or crack off when casting a lead and injure a passer-by, either on the towpath or on a boat, then they are covered. So, if you regularly fish a stret
  4. If you were listening to Fisherman's Blues yesterday morning you would have heard a guy calling himself mushroom call in. One of the things discussed with Keith Arthur was how the Fish Legal Arm of the AT would be able to bring an action against Thames Water if the people who fished the Tidal regularly got themselves organised into a club that belonged to the Anglers Trust. Mushroom is now in the process of setting up such a club and to put your name forward see here. http://www.fishingmagic.com/forums/river-r...ne-else-28.html He wrote "Howdy chaps and chappess,s, I will be brief.
  5. I have to say that the NACA and the EA do a brilliant job with their training. Dennis Willis is a great angler and coach as well. I must say though that the turnout could have been a lot better, perhaps that is down to advertising. I had three separate 3 hour sessions at the Suffolk Water Park in brilliant weather for the time of the year and those involved a total of 20 children. I am setting up a link for 2 photo's of fish and the youngsters who caught them.
  6. I have seen this happen before on the Thames. I have also seen pelicans doing the same in Australia and I have seen perch and pike doing it on London reservoirs. They are definitely working as a team whether they realise it or not, but to me they do exactly what they are doing. As to the size of fish that cormorants will take, I saw one with a zander that was larger than the cormorant. It couldn't get the fish down its throat although it tried for over an hour. The zander was alive at first but eventually drifted off when the cormorant finally gave up barely alive. I eventually fishe
  7. Quite right Lyn. I don't know exactly what Andy's complaints are but as I understand it membership of the NACA is open to all. If I read Andy's comments literally then the NACA have the fishing rights to stretches of river and let no one fish there for conservation reasons. If that is so then it probably is a good thing for short periods. If he means that it used to be free fishing or at least just for the asking of permission and the old bottle at Christmas then I have some sympathy but I am sorry to say that in this day and age idyllic scenarios like that just can't exist any longer
  8. They probably didn't know tyhey were hooked but we certainly knew they were attached! Great memories mate.
  9. How about the Thames or the Walthamstowe Reservoirs. Having said that, if Peter H is not experienced enough to know where to fish, in my opinion he should stick to smaller fish first and learn some basics.
  10. Hi mate glad to see you are still keeping people on their toes! Zebra mussels are a new curse to these isles that you would not have encountered before you left. They grow in huge bunches like their salt water cousins on rocks, smallish stones even, lumps of wood anything that is stable and in the water for long enough. I have even seen them covering a rod and reel that couldn't have been in the water all that long. They certainly don't mind attaching themselves to wood in the water. They are blocking inlet and outlet pipes for power stations and at reservoirs and costing hundreds of
  11. I think that you missed the point Alan. I haven't a problem with commercial fisheries per se, just that it was largely pressure from them and stupidly enough, the tackle trade and anglers, that got the close season lifted on lakes and canals. I wasn't referring to matches at all, most commercials probably see more pleasure anglers than matchmen who restrict their visits to maybe 2 or 3 days a week whereas they are open 7 days a week. What I was meaning is that because of the demise of the close season, all the jobs I normally get done are now no longer done at all! Worse, I have lost
  12. And I for one can't wait - but it doesn't hold the same thrill for me that it used to. In the days of the old closed season, by now my tackle box would all spick and span. Hooks would have been tied, reels oiled with new line on, groundbait cleaned off rod handles that would have been washed down and if necessary even had a little rubbing down with a piece of very fine sand paper. Floats would have been made and old ones would have been checked over for cracks and splits. New pole rigs would have been tied and all the old ones stripped down and retied with new line. I would have been sea
  13. Congratulations to all those involved. 10 years is a long time to keep it up as they say!!
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