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  1. Fladen used to do a fine wire hook that would exactly meet your spec, they were called Fladen Vantage Pro Match barbless 20 Round Bend Medium shank. Because they were fine wire they always stayed very sharp.. Problem I had last year when restocking was finding they no longer made them in such a thin gauge wire, but I found a few odd packets in the spade version and ordered a number of packets in the * barbed version from Whitby Angling Supplies (75p for packet of 20). On a hard pulling fish they would open but could be closed again so perfect for perch and roach. They now make them i
  2. For making the float body waterproof bog standard clear nail varnish (pound shop) will do the job -comes in a handy little pot with brush the type girlies use and keep in their handbags. Fits nicely in the draw of my pole seat box. In an emergency on the bank use superglue for spot repairs (broken eyes) and varnish for the body, leave a few minutes to dry and ready to go. IMHO no need for a big pot of special expensive varnish that you cant keep in your fishing bag / box...
  3. Plenty of minnows = unpolluted healthy river.
  4. Just behind is one of the Holme Lacey beats run by Mrs Bishop, ring 01432 273 695 to book / check availability. Was £6 a day about two years ago. The only place I've been on the Wye with slabbed walk rail swims.. a bit different.
  5. Has anyone experience of these bite alarms or similar from Prologic? http://reporting.fishtec.co.uk/cgi-bin/vie...D7%205nil_W%3Dg
  6. Not forgetting "suckers" - I thought locals were referring to carp in a derogatory manner when they asked me if I had caught any suckers..... until later when I started catching them... like carp but with an under slung mouth (underslung but not as much as a barbel...another carp family member).
  7. Incidentally I run a small fishery.
  8. Many anglers do look for excuses why they dont catch Anderoo.... though talk of otter issues having run their course is premature considering the rivers have been closed for two months. I suspect carp fishery owners are now dealing with their predation issues independantly and covertly..... hence very little publicity from that area of the fishing world.
  9. Fingers crossed they all move to Oxfordshire. Should be stocked there too if ever there's any more stocking going on. Convenient with the M4
  10. Nice big pond. Shame the water cant be adopted as a local amenity.
  11. If you throw in fish meal g/bait or pellets you can almost guarantee bream/skimmers will turn up.
  12. check out Peter Rolfe's website for everything crucian including identification (Mr Rolfe may even look at a few pics of your next captures if you ask nicely.....) http://www.crucians.org/
  13. 5 tench this evening on the pole from local pond.
  14. Last few seasons been using an Okuma Aventa Pro....very good pin. But this week I picked up a TFG classic at £49.99....in gun metal (didnt like the chrome option). Spins freely and although not quite as smooth as the okuma (tiny bit of grittiness in the bearings but hardly noticeable) its better value. I picked it up for mates to use when we go trotting but thinking of using it myself now. Apparently TFG have a new model coming out next year so have to shift stock, hence the £49.99 price tag. 10/10 for value.
  15. Its also a hoax that they intentionally wont kill every fish in the water!
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