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  1. Would love to help tack but won't be much help as i aint the best of casters even on a good day! will try and drag dad into it he's a great caster! kaz xx
  2. Ok so this is off topic, I am sorry, but I have just been informed on this post made earlyer today. Firstly Sharkbyte I would like to point out that I am only 14, and most 14 year olds, when on the computer don’t use very immaculate language, as usually we are talking to our friends on MSN, they tend to understand what you are saying. Secondly when I first joined this site I told everybody that I am sorry if I slip up with my spelling as I don’t usually spell correctly whilst using the computer unless im doing homework. Finally I have been struggling with my spelling for a lot of years and I find it hard to spell and u know the reason im not in the top English class at school, its because I can’t spell very well, its also the reason I am not predicted good grades in English, I’m put down enough because of it I don’t need men like you making it worse, if everyone else can deal with it why can’t you? Sam I wouldn't want to know what has been in my mothers mouth, and im sure you wouldnt either! kaz xxx Please note that I am not trying to cause any arguements! Lastly, from now on I feel I have to take nearly half an hour to type my posts and check them, over and over before posting them as I have had so many people criticising me on my spelling and punctuation. I thaught the people on here were very understanding.
  3. you aint the onlyone anybody whos lived with more know that nobody gets a chance to have any cheese in my house because i eat it all first hehehehe kaz xx
  4. i dont know of any places for jet skis all i know is its fun i had a few weeks suposedly learning to kite surf but there was no wind so all we did was land work then just went jet skiing hope u get the GCSE grade u wanted im not looking forward to doing mine the courseworks hard enough kaz xx
  5. hope you catch something good tonight googd luck all the best kaz xx
  6. i have been neep for ages lol and i think it suits me more than lass thanks for the feed back anyway kaz xx
  7. just tucking into more carte dor should rely not eat anymore of it as dad will have a go because i ave eaten loads of it o well i need it for my throat kaz xx
  8. didnt expect u to be able to help u live a bit to far away whats the fishing like up there then i dont half miss it not been fishing down here yet an ddnt get to go up there when i cam up in september either as i had a big pink pot on my leg which restricted the places i could go kaz xx
  9. only got carte dore and some other stuff owell itll have to do the soft the better for me it hurts to much when its got lumps thats why i never ate alot when i was in hospital who ever started the tonsilitus disease id like to kill them grrrrrrrrrr kaz xx
  10. happy birthday to you all make it a good one kaz xx
  11. had some chicken soup not done any good just setled my stomach i find the colder foods i eat are the less pain i have eating it, i have to say when it comes to blowing my nose i dont usualy do it but now i hate sniffing it hurts to much kaz xx
  12. hi, latley me and dad have noticed that there has been alot more fishing of the peir at bridlington than usual we reckon that there may be some decent sized cod coming in but havent had the chance of finding out for ourselfs does anyone have a clue as to whats been happening with the fishing kaz xx
  13. thanx for all the welcome backs, not very well some of you may remember i had a couple of weeks of school when i had my tonsils taken out because my throat was sore well my throats playiin up again so i eatin lots of iceream i dont think ice creams good for both breakfast and lunch kaz xxx
  14. sorry cant help u there if u cant sortoff remember his screen name the search for him just a thaught kaz xxx
  15. i would have thaught that because the guy actualy thaught it was a trout he wouldnt be punished as it was a missidentification and he wasnt even fishing for one but im a bit thick so i dont know kaz xx
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