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  1. 14 hours have past on this topic, and noone has said boilies!!!!!!! try corn.... important thing seems to be the rig, i.e hair rig, and dont hook ur bait!
  2. Mate the STI is hardly a big bivvy in its folded position! its in a dincy bag...i have seen much much worse!! Get a bigger wheel barrow or go to the gym, dont get rid of your STI !! Seen lots of bivvys and looked at lots on the bank and the STI blows the rest away value for money!! thats why i just got one! but each to their own preferences!
  3. a fish and a crotch! nice fish tho
  4. Well done both of you. Got my first carp a couple of months back, was 3 1/2 pound. I got it on sweetcorn on a tipping rod. Last week i was doing a 24 hour session, in a twin skin jrc bivvy, with 3x 3 3/4 TC carp Henglesport rods, on a ultimate pod, with 3x fox mx bite alarms 42" landing net...had an 18 1/2lb. Point being...stick at but be prepared, its emensily addictive!!! lol AND i`m loving it, .....ohh u need to move to the carp forum as well ;-) liam, managed to see ur photo!!!!! thats a picture of the carp, need a photo of you too buddy!! Chris
  5. Just wanted to add - Worth doing or at least trying the way i said as it goes up really way, seen some people back the inner and outer with different pegs and its no where near as tight and close! and another helpfool cool little tip. When its cold and u got ur fire on so u need a little gap, look at the door, it is only velcroed on at the top and there are zipps both ways, so u can open the door letter box style, i.e bivvy all zipped up with just a little hole at the top of the door!! anyways i`ll shut up now and let u put it up [ 25. April 2005, 02:12 PM: Message edited by: c
  6. lol, yea THATS why is was so difficult lol!! yea, attach the braces, then put in the tension pole. (AND DIDNT ADD-->) THEN but the tension line across the floor then peg into position. Like i say, put 3 pegs, back and sides just to hold it down while u put on the top skin, then go around and put in all the back ones in the same pegging points, use different pegs for the fron tho!! I had mine in all sorts of positions when i first got it lol! I AGREE - INSTRUCTIONS ARE DEFINATELY NEEDED! i didnt learn myself, lol, someone showed me on the bank when they saw me struggling, how to do it pro
  7. Dont mean to be rude, but its a case of one two three lol!! How are u struggling, i gotta admit first time i put mine up it took 10mins, but now i can easily do it in 5, and i find it easier on my own. Best way i find: Make sure the outerskin is off! Open the hole thing up, i.e unfold all the metal struts. Clip in all the metal struts, so that u have the 3 struts clipped together and all on top of each other. Stand infront of the door (i know it lying down but u know where i mean) and thread the pole through to the back. Clip in the back, then clip in the front. IT is now up, easy fr
  8. did u put it in the right spot, lol, brobably nothin wrong with ur rig! Have u tried popping up corn with a fake corn at the top, dunno how it would work with a d rig, but i use 2 real corn with a fake corn at the top of the hair. Supoose u`d tie them together with floss then tie it to the hair?!?!
  9. Yep exactly, i just sold my IPAQ pda, awsum piece of kit and cost £290! that had the mobile network, but it was crap, there was hardly a signal in Manchester centre, nevermind a lonely pond somewhere! Then there was the case of paying for it, which most of the time they wouldnt let you fo payasyougo but had to actually subscribe!!!!! Chris
  10. Yea, i wanna get the internet for my laptop, mobile but i dunno how to go about it! Chris
  11. Well going along the old ICE (in car entertainment) line, what have you lads got in ur bivvys? Is it the old laptop, with champ manager, internet, dvd, tv, radio, sky digital ??!?!?! Makes and models please, giveus all the gorry details... As for me, i just have a packet of hooks, some mantis and a boilie needle! But no talk from boring buggers like me, i wanna hear about ur surround sound sub setups!! Whos got what.... Chris [ 24. April 2005, 10:14 AM: Message edited by: craynerd ]
  12. Dont think it did the creatures much good when they spent the 6k on weed killer to kill the lot off, like i said, its dead roots mostly. Granted still a hamoe for something, but its pretty damn dead. you will be ...??? in debt!!!!! Yea, like to see how u carping mad, as a student could afford kg of hemp and maize to be throwing in for weeks! I buy enough for fishing with and that lightens my pocket well enough! Chris
  13. ayjay, nice one for the tips on ur last thread...i am going for the nikon ed78 scope with a kyriston (spelling?? ) camera and adapters and tripod Well excited! Thanks again and amazing photo...!! ur lucky gettin them in ur garden
  14. tench - i`m more after the carp!?!? will it still work
  15. I got it from wilkinsons for 79p per kg, beats 15kg for £12 as i only wanted about 5kg! Mine is the same chunky stuff with different coloured bits in, if u look closely its only dies, the stuff is actually the same! Chris
  16. cheers for the comment ant, and good thinking about insects eco stuff!
  17. ya mate, my plan was to get them rumaging, i may add a bit of bread crumb to cloud a bit, but as its prebiting its not really a factor. Its already nicely different sizes so....as it comes pretty much.... Have you any cookin instructions lol....no seriously, how long do you soak it for and then once you have made the balls how long do you dry them for ? Chris
  18. I`ve just been watching "record breaking fish" with mat hayes and :S upps forgot his name, anyways they were fishing for tench i think, and the other guy decided to clear his spot of weed.....so....he chucked in a huge garden rake attached to rope, and dragged it asore, scraping the surface clean!! The lodge i fish is really really weedy, and they have just paid 6k to kill of a load of lillys that were takin over the pond! Basically now after winter, there is shed loads of that very very fine green silky weed and dead lilly roots. Nobody fishes that side because it USE to be so weedy, now
  19. Hi guys, I really want to try a bit of pre baiting but i really cant afford kg`s of boilie at £10 a pop, so i thought about vitalin with boilie mixed. Basically prepare my vitalin by soaking in water until soft then when its in a dough like consistancy put couple of boilies in the middle and mold a ball around them, only smallish, so probably 2kg of vitalin would give me like 20 balls + maybe.....so that would be 40 boilies (which i can afford ) and then shed loads of bait to hold them in the area.!!! Might even add corn to the mix, that way they get use to that so i can even try corn a
  20. Newt, sorry mate, yea its 3 x optical and something x digital.... Like u said, ive turned the digi off. Surely those shots arent taken just with a digi camera...i`ve tried takin shots with full opti going into full digi and u cant get anywhere near enough magnification never mind quality. So besides camera what do u need? Chris
  21. lol, i didnt really poach it, rather than cast a bit too far! If you know which pegs i`m talkin about then u`ll understand what i mean!
  22. BUMP the last question, i got a cheapish pentax with 3x digi zoom, but how the hell do you get piccys like that? U need some sort of zoom right? Chris
  23. Cheers rabster, yes mate, i got confused i know it was one farm and wanted to put that then u all knew i wasnt at wyreside lakes, So yes u are correct it was Jenkinsons... The island you talk about, i was fishing from peg 5 the two on the point between the two parts of the lake. I caught mine from infront of pegs 3/4...hehe Hope u like the piccys, i feel a right ass with pictures of me on them, in future i should just take the fish lol Chris
  24. Hey guys, friday since we got back but i`ve been really busy to report. So i went of Thursday with Jonty72 to Wyreside - Hudsons Farm, and i will tell you for a start i will definately be going again. Lovely place, nice settings, nice pegs and very secure (cctv!!). Got there on Thursday in between mixed weather of showers and fine patches, the board at the enterence had shown 3 fish had come out in the last day, which was a little off putting as most of the pegs were taken and there looked to be a good few rods in the water. Well we chose our pegs, 5 and 6, which for those of you who have
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